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Floor Levelling Compound

Floor levelling compounds are easy to apply and typically arrive in a ready to use mixed form. Self-Levelling or Floor Levelling Compound advances the application of screed layer using a variety of polymers, gypsum, and epoxy-resins to modify and customize mortars as smooth, undisturbed underlay surface for flooring applications of vinyl, tile, and wood. The customized self-levelling compounds can be taken advantage of in conducting floor levelling procedures involving a wide range of flooring materials, including wood and concrete.

Self-levelling compounds are engineered to secure longer periods of moisture retention that prove to be an elixir for concrete curing and allow better application on diverse surfaces. These formulations combine improved adhesive properties with better workability yields. Such blends prove easy to handle during application due to consistency in length, width, profile, and thickness of its body, which eases a seamless pouring flow and sustainable trowelling. True to their underlayment feature, these compounds attach vigorously to various surfaces, including wood, metal, and concrete and can be adapted to various location settings. These compounds register a high score on the durability chart as their composition is infused with resistance to a wide spectrum of chemical and moisture-induced assaults, keeping the compound layer unscathed and even. We offer a range of products in this category, which includes floor leveller, floor levelling compound, self-levelling and re-surfacing compound and many more. We invite you to browse through our collection of floor levelling compounds for the best experience in self-floor levelling.

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