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Floor Levelling Compound

Floor levelling compounds are easy to apply and typically arrive in a ready to use mixed form. Buildworld invites you to browse through our collection of floor levelling compounds for the best experience in self-floor levelling.

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More Info On Floor Levelling Compound

As a well established practice, floor evenness—a prerequisite for flooring, is achieved through screeding and its material consists of cement and sand aggregates to assist in rendering an even layer of levelling suitable for proper flooring. Self- Levelling or Floor Levelling Compound advances the application of screed layer using a variety of polymers, gypsum, and epoxy-resins to modify and customize mortars as smooth undisturbed underlay surface for flooring applications of vinyl, tile, and wood. The customized self-levelling compounds can be taken advantage of in conducting floor levelling procedures involving a wide range of flooring material including wood and concrete.

The Leap of Self Levelling

Self levelling compounds are engineered to secure longer periods of moisture retention that prove to be an elixir for concrete curing and allow better application on diverse surfaces. These formulations combine improved adhesive properties with better workability yields. Such blends prove easy to handle during application owing to consistency in length, width, profile, and thickness of its body that eases a seamless pouring flow and sustainable trowelling. True to their underlayment feature these compounds attach vigorously to a wide range of surfaces including wood, metal, and concrete and can be adapted to a variety of location-settings. On the durability chart these compounds register a high score as their composition is infused with resistance to a wide spectrum chemical and moisture induced assaults keeping the compound-layer unscathed and even.

The Variety in Compounds

Redispersible, Water-Soluble, and Latex Polymers are among the most common self-levelling compounds that are configured around the basic formulation of combining polymers with portland cement. Epoxy based variations as well as gypsum based floor levelling compounds present their unique advantages when juxtaposed against cement-latex polymer modified compounds. Epoxy compounds are known to be very hard and cure to such elaborate degree that these are relied to patch concrete. Gypsum compounds don’t suffer from shrinkage while setting as opposed to cement compounds that experience shrinkage and as a result crack. On parameters of moisture ingress, durability and curing: levelling compounds made of cement perform better than gypsum based levelling compounds.

The Cement-Latex Polymer Advantage

Cement-latex polymer compounds are highly suitable as underlayment for top layer made of rubber which requires the levelling compound’s tensile strength to be extremely high. Flooring made of wood often succumbs to strains, when exposed to moisture, which often reach breaking point is best paired with underlayment of cement for greater stability. Flooring areas regularly exposed to high amount of moisture or experience heavy load are better suited to underlayment made of cement levelling compound. High in compressive strength—cement based polymer modified self levelling compounds don’t consume excessive amounts of water, and do not take as long as traditional cement screeds to cure, suitable in a variety of commercial and domestic settings. 

Levelling Compounds in Different Roles

Levelling compounds are effective in raising a low concrete area to the rest of the flooring or as bulk fillers in a resurfacing job to refurbish a damaged surface with filler procedure upwards of 5mm thickness; in repairing capacity these compounds commit to patching cavities and depressions in grout layers atop the substrate layer. Self levelling compounds can turn into an expensive affair if the underlay area is large requiring greater filler thickness. The liquid-screed variety is accommodative of projects pressed for time with its quick drying, and utilizes lesser and finer aggregates to wield smooth finish, which incidentally enhances the effectiveness of under-floor heating systems.

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