Checmicals and Damp Proofing

Rising damp is water or moisture from the ground that can creep up a structure and thereby walls that are in touch with the ground will become damp. This can cause wood rot in skirting boards, timber floors, cause paint to chip or wallpaper to peel and many other problems. Most masonry in building walls will allow water movement by capillary action, but this can be controlled by a method called damp proof course (DPC).


Older properties are susceptible to dampness as DPC is absent in walls. In such instances, remedial damp proofing work is required which may include the installation of a chemical damp proof course system. Damp proofing treatments include Injection Fluids and Injection Creams and see the extensive use of installation equipment like Injection Pumps and Guns.  Salts can also seep into the walls and plaster along with the rising water, bringing in the need for specialist damp proofing materials.

What damages can occur in damp walls?

Unchecked water ingress in buildings and construction can cause severe damage to the structure, leading to massive repair costs for the homeowners. Damp proofing products, therefore, come in handy to prevention and control water ingress and safeguard the structure.

There are many problems that a structure can face due to water damage. Some of which are highlighted here:

  • Damp walls suffer deterioration from the spread of mould and rotting.
  • Wood decaying causes the structure to collapse.
  • Increase in repair costs due to the fabric of the building deteriorating to a large extent.

Damp Proofing Products at Buildworld

At Buildworld, we have everything you need for damp proofing and chemical DPC products. These include chemical damp proofing products for injection into masonry for new chemical DPC to retard rising moisture, damp proofing membranes, waterproofing additives and premixed renders. Also, silicone water repellents, waterproofing membranes, damp proof paint, and external damp proofing products.

To take care of condensation, we have passive ventilation units, heat recovery units, mould cures and salt neutralizers and cement additives to protect against salt damage.

At Buildworld, apart from meeting your chemical damp proofing needs, our staff is well equipped to guide you on all damp proofing and structural waterproofing needs. We stock products from all leading brands like Mapei, Cementone, IKOpro, Sika, Wakol, Ronseal and more. For a quick consultation, speak to us today!

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