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Internal Water Proofing

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More Info on Internal Water Proofing

Older buildings have an air of prestige and are the pride of owners. However, such ancient buildings while beautiful to look at can be highly uncomfortable to live in due to a lack of modern construction. Heat, water, damp and improper lighting can be the major issues for those living in old structures. Internal problems are not so difficult to handle and can be rectified easily, but problems that arise due to construction are more difficult to handle.

Moisture penetration in such buildings can be either as rising damp or lateral damp, besides the salts that come with these. Such damp not only makes a place unlivable but also lead to further structural damage, such as –

Health Issues: damp leads to fungal and mildew growth, which in turn release spores that can affect lungs and cause ENT problems

Room & White Goods: The constant chill and moisture make a room cold, and as a counter effect, thermostat degrees are increased, causing waste of energy, as well as inflated bills. Moreover, the constant moisture can also affect white goods, such as TVs and other appliances, damaging them permanently over time.

Masonry: Salts that enter along with moisture cause major harm to masonry work by intensifying cracks.

Structural Damage: The continuous damp also attacks interior work like plaster, wall paper, timber, furniture, and drapes, etc.


In new buildings, these problems are handled with preventive care. Special agents are mixed with concrete and other safeguards incorporated at the construction level. However, the best solution for old structures is to use Internal Waterproofing.

This is available in a range of different applications, such as Rolls for walls and Liquid Membranes for creating a tanking system. Rolls are applied as they are to inner walls to ward off the damp. Tanking systems create a place that is warm and ‘breathes’ to ensure comfort, even as it keeps out the moisture.

Besides the above, Internal Waterproofing can also be implemented through creams, liquid rubber, tape and fibre glass net.

Internal Waterproofing has many benefits, including reducing damage to structure, reduced energy bills and above all increase of livable space. The most important benefit of Internal Waterproofing is rise in the commercial value of space that was earlier considered dilapidated.

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