Guttering refers to channels of plastic or metal for draining away of water. A guttering and drainage form part of the liquid discharge system of a building. In early times, guttering was made of lined wooden or stone troughs with lead being used as a liner. Guttering is made from many materials such as cast iron, asbestos cement, cast and extruded aluminium and UPVC.

Drainage - Man Hole Cover Grates & Ducting

Planning a construction? Searching for all the right materials can be a daunting task. That’s why you have Buildworld, a single stop for all construction materials, from basic concrete to intricate switches, from stylized accessories to indispensable utilities.

Speaking of utilities, one that can create issues if missing or even badly fitted are manhole covers. Manhole covers may seem like ordinary elements, but it is important to choose these well. Whether a new piece or a replacement it is important to get the correct sizing and style to cover underground channels. Many make a mistake of trying to fit a new cover if an old one is damaged. Even if you manage to find a cover that fits the old frame, chances are its inherent strength, and load bearing capacity is compromised. This is what causes them to break and implode on weights like vehicles in the first place. The ideal way is to replace both; the cover and the frame.

While replacing or getting a new manhole cover, it is important to get the measurement right. The way experts measure is to take the opening size perfectly from all sides, unless it has been already mentioned in your building plans. Another important aspect to keep in mind is the load the manhole cover may face. For e.g. a garden would require an A Class manhole cover for about 2.5 tons. Driveways would need a B Class cover of about 5 tons which would take a light moving vehicle load of 1.25 tons. However, if you expect heavier trucks, then you will need a C-Class cover that has a 10-ton bearing capacity.

Manhole covers are available in a several different materials and styles for different purposes. These include -

  • Grids Grates: made from galvanized cast iron, these come from 2.5 tons to 38 tons depending on usage. They are much like an iron bar grill that allows visibility and air to circulate from the drain.
  • Patios & Block Paving: areas such as these require more sophisticated covers, like trays or recessed units and can be made of plastic or metal.
  • Cast Iron: the earliest kind of manhole covers apart from concrete and heavy.
  • Galvanised Steel: these are modern replacements that replace cast iron and are more durable and flexible.
  • Gas Tight: made in compliance to BS standards, these are made to ensure that no harmful gasses escape from the ducts.
  • Keys: manhole covers can be difficult to remove, and this is where keys come in handy. Made from metal and T-shaped, they act like levers to lift certain types of covers.
  • Round Manhole: practical, round manholes unlike square ones do not fall inside the ducts. Moreover, they can be easily rolled away or removed.

Buildworld provides complete solutions needed for repair and replacement of your existing guttering and drainage systems and new installations. Select styles from Roundline, Squareline, and Mini-Fit Guttering systems. We offer gutter and drainage systems only from the best companies for both domestic and commercial constructions. We have a huge range of profiles for your drainage systems.

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