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Square Guttering

We have a selection of square guttering and accessories such as gutter brackets, waste adapter, stop ends and leaf guards. Our current colour options are white and black.

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More Info on Square Guttering

If your home has a modern aesthetic, square guttering can complement that aesthetic by providing a contemporary look. You can find guttering in different styles and shapes, and they all add a different sort of framing to your home.

Square guttering refers to the shape of the gutters that line the rooftops of your home. They can be enclosed or open in style, and they come in a variety of colours. One of the primary benefits of upgrading to square guttering is that they provide a larger capacity compared to their round counterparts.

Square guttering connects to the standard 65 mm downpipe, but can also be connected to a 68 mm round downpipe with the right adapter. In general, gutters run along the base of your rooftop, channelling water away from your home’s foundation. By doing this, your gutters minimize the risks of damaged sidings, flooring basements, and damage to your landscape from cascading water.

Square Guttering Applications and Materials

Square guttering can be made of different materials, including aluminium, vinyl, zinc, copper, and steel. They all have their own set of pros and cons, depending on the configuration. However, aluminium tends to be the most popular material for most applications.

You can find square guttering in virtually every colour, including the most common, which are black square guttering, brown square guttering, and white square guttering. The colour and material you choose are entirely up to you.

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