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Square Guttering

Our selection of square gutters and accessories such as gutter brackets, waste adapter, stop ends and leaf guards are manufactured by the most prominent brands in the industry. The enlisted products meet every functional criterion crucial to accomplishing appropriate solutions. Our current colour options are white and black.

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More Info on Square Guttering

Deep wide troughs are the hallmark of square gutters widely seen across huge commercial complexes and in domestic settings situated in areas faced with heavy rains mandating clearance of large amounts of water travelling along and off the roof. Square gutters also known as box gutters are commonly seen in Lo-square and Hi-square formats registering 110mm and 130mm heights respectively. Lo-square gutters are aesthetically more alluring and cost-effective of the two, making Hi-square gutters a preference in circumstances requiring larger amounts of clearance. Aesthetic restitution of properties during the installation of Hi-square gutters involves covering the edges of the majority tiles and roof sheets.

Regarded for their utilitarian virtues, square gutters owing to their wide dimensions are particularly effective for clearing large volumes of water; however, their clearing ability is challenged during light spells of rainfall or in areas with scanty rains resulting in frequent clogs. This condition can be corrected with the help of gutter guards to intercept minor slivers shreds and particles that become difficult to drain.

Square Guttering Applications and Materials

Square guttering connects to the standard 65 mm downpipe, but can also be connected to a 68 mm round downpipe with the right adapter. In general, gutters run along the base of your rooftop, channelling water away from your home’s foundation. By doing this, your gutters minimize the risks of damaged sidings, flooring basements, and damage to your landscape from cascading water.

Square gutters are manufactured from a variety of materials including: aluminium, vinyl, zinc, copper, and steel. However, aluminium tends to be the most popular material for most applications. With timely checks and maintenance routines square gutters promise an enduring spell of service for years together.

You can purchase square gutters in many colours, the most common being: black, brown, and white square gutters. As crucial are colours and material in the selection of the square gutter, accoutrements such as stop ends, gutter guards, and gutter mitres prove equally pertinent in the square gutter shopping cart.

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