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Loft Insulation

We carry a variety of blanket loft insulation rolls in different thicknesses made from glass mineral wool. This material provides excellent thermal performance and is a non-combustible building material.

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More Info On Loft Insulation

Loft insulation helps keep your home warm without running up your energy bills. There is a variety of materials to choose from. While some materials are best for ease of installation, others may perform better in colder weather.

Warm or Cold Loft

Depending on how you want to insulate your loft, you can choose between a warm or cold loft. A cold loft will require less insulation. By placing insulation between the floor joists, you can prevent hot air from escaping into the loft, but the loft will remain cold and subject to temperature extremes.

A warm loft requires more insulation. Both the floor joists and the underside of the roof will need insulation. This means that some heat is allowed to escape into the loft, but cannot escape through the roof. The result is a warmer loft that is more suitable for storage.

Blanket Loft Insulation

The most common type of loft insulation comes in rolls of fibre that are easy to install in open spaces. The insulation can be made from a variety of materials like felt or glass. Some brands even use recycled material or wool for an eco-friendly twist. Blanket or batt insulation is easy to install and is best for accessible areas.

Other Types of Loft Insulation

Loose-fill insulation is sold in loose granules of wood, cork, or shredded newspaper and is better suited for irregular or hard to reach spaces. Blown-fibre insulation is also suitable for inaccessible areas, but will need to be installed by a professional technician and is generally the most expensive. And, sheet loft insulation comes in firm board forms for insulating the sloped sides of a roof.

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