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Concrete Lintels

We offer prestressed concrete lintels in two sizes: four-inch and six-inch, each with various lengths available.

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More Info on Concrete Lintels

A concrete lintel serves as a horizontal structural support in masonry that spans the opening for a door or window. It’s typically situated atop two vertical supports and provides for a wide range of finishes.

Concrete lintels are generally used for load-bearing purposes, as the openings for doors and windows are vulnerable points in a home or building’s structural foundation. Concrete lintels must have adequate support at each end; otherwise, they’re vulnerable to cracking and collapsing.

The type of lintel used is essential not only to a building’s stability but also to the structure’s role in retaining heat as well as reducing condensation. Lintels must also be appropriately constructed to avoid thermal bridging and gaps that allow water inside.

Concrete Lintel Applications and Materials

Lintels are most commonly made from galvanised steel, concrete, and timber. Concrete lintels are lighter than steel and more comfortable to handle on the job. While they’re not as strong as steel, they provide ample support for a variety of structures as well as the versatility to use for a multitude of construction applications.

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