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Decorative Paving

When you wish to update the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, decorative paving is the way to go. When you are adding a walkway, patio or driveway, you have many choices that help you complete your project. Of the materials used in paving today, concrete slabs and paving stones are most popular.


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Decorative Paving

Poured concrete slabs are cost effective and easy to install and thus are much favoured for home exteriors. Stamped concrete also offers much variety in design and texture. Lets compare Concrete slabs with Decorative pavers.


Standard concrete slabs are cheaper than paving stones. However, stamped concrete is same in cost as paving stones with paving stones being cheaper at times. However, concrete slabs incur greater long-term costs for repairs and replacements.


Concrete slabs are easier to install, but require greater drying and curing time. The installation involves excavation, grading, preparation of the foundation, setting and pouring the concrete. A drawback for concrete is that it can crack when the ground expands.

It is also essential to get the grading right with a concrete installation, as once the concrete has been poured then replacing can become quite expensive. Improper concrete grading can also cause low spots that water and also stain.

Paving stones are a more labor intensive choice for installation. The paver installation process and includes excavation, grading and sub-base compaction to laying, cutting borders, preparing the bond beam, compacting the stones, and finally sealing the pavers.

Maintenance of the Paving

Concrete is easy to maintain. However, staining and cracking will often occur and as the slab ages won’t look as inviting. Stamped concrete offers better resistance against cracking and staining. A protective sealant can be used to coat the slabs so that any stains don’t penetrate the surface.

On the other hand, paving stones generally require little care, except for the joints between each stone that require attention with passage of time, when a sealer is not used. Weeds and grass can grow in the joints, so treatment with weed killer is necessary. The base of these stones are so designed as to easily flex in case of ground movement, but still, the stones may shift or crack over the years.


As Pavers have numerous joints in between each piece water cannot settle onto the surface. When you ensure a properly graded installation, drainage issues will almost never occur. Pavers are 4 times stronger than concrete slabs and can handle 4 times the weight on their surface before they can crack, if at all. Paving bricks also adjust well to weather changes as they expand and contract without cracking.

If you are interested in decorative paving for your home, then call Buildworld today. We have everything you need in the area of hardscaping and can guide you with the best choices.

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