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We offer a large selection of metal stud works and track and ceiling supplies. We stock C studs, I studs, U tracks, lining brackets, drywall brackets, and much more. All of our metal stud works and tracks come in various lengths to fit all project needs.

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More Info on Metal Stud Works and Tracks

Metal and steel studs are beneficial for all types of buildings because they’re lightweight, straight and can be found in longer lengths than wooden studs. Because they’re lightweight, they can also be anchored directly into drywall without drilling through the stud. Additionally, they’re incredibly strong and stable. 

Metal stud works also referred to as metal framing, have been used for a long time in commercial construction. They’re fire-resistant, termite-proof, and cheaper to use than alternative materials like wood. Because of this, metal framing is becoming more popular in residential construction. 

Metal studs are much easier to handle because they’re a third of the weight of a wooden beam. They also offer much more stability during severe weather conditions, which is why they’ve become so popular.

Metal Stud and Tracks Applications and Materials 

There are several types of metal stud works, including C studs, I studs, U tracks, H studs, and so on. They’re most commonly made of galvanised or standard steel. 

Metal studs are typically used for basement walls, partitions, or other metal structures. Despite being lightweight, metal studs can support load-bearing walls. Also, unlike wooden studs, metal studs aren’t prone to twisting, warping, or moulding. 

Metal studs and tracks can also come together for mounting curtain rails, lighting fixtures, and sliding doors.

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