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Plasterboards - Standard & Inulsated Platerboard

Considered a monumental improvement on lath-and-plaster wall concealment layering - Plasterboards, also known as Drywall prevail as the more economical and easy to install option. Produced in batches of hard sheets, the plasterboard board formulation consists of a blend of gypsum mineral and additives enveloped in heavy paper. Sourcing plasterboards is economical and their suitability to almost any setting coupled with installation ease and seamless mounting upon being fixed and arranged on interior walls and ceilings allows plasterboards functional and aesthetic advantage over plaster and other type of panel material.

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The Easy to Handle Factor

Plasterboard scores high on endurance and its inherent virtue of retaining structural equilibrium, making last minute adjustments to its dimensions is always easy to manage for experienced tradesperson or DIY handling, which in principle can be attributed to its light weight and tough yet easy to cut material that can be without any difficulty attached to a structure with the help of staples, screws, nails, and adhesives.  Although tapered and square-edged plasterboards are ubiquitous, customizations featuring bevelled, rounded, and micro-bevelled edges are not uncommon.

Standard Plasterboard and its Improved Versions Battling Moisture

Plasterboards in general possess sound insulation properties and a respectable degree of resistance to fire, which makes plasterboards ideal for interior wall panels. However, there is very little that standard plasterboards can offer against moulds and rot resulting from moisture laden environments such as bathrooms, and kitchens to a great extent. The challenging role, of combating humidity present in kitchens and moisture in bathrooms, is reserved for—moisture-resistant plasterboards—formulated with moisture resistant admixtures that not only prevent rotting and moulds but arrest the possibility of the board losing thermal insulation that would otherwise result with the disintegration of standard plasterboard. Insulated plasterboards save on energy consumption and the additional effort and tedium of adding insulation layers to the plasterboard in places with underlined requirements for thorough insulation, promising high degree of thermal insulation in rooms exposed to cold weather. Insulated plasterboards come with varying degree of gypsum board thickness accompanied by vapour control layer and polyisocyanurate or phenolic foam to provide different levels of insulation from condensation and moisture depending on the location of the room within the house.

Fire, Sound, and Impact

Fire resistant plasterboards are fabricated to satisfy diverse degrees of fire resistance requirements and are marked with certain ratings to denote the plasterboard’s ability to withstand fire in terms of duration. The spectrum consists of plasterboards registering 1 to 2 hours worth of resistance which earns them approval for being of service in commercial establishments and places which operate appliances connected with fire. Sound or acoustic plasterboards are instrumental in noise reduction enough to turn auditory disturbances such as loud noises from music or programmes next door turn faint and secure sufficient relief for the auditory nerves. Impact resistance plasterboards are very highly regarded for their fire resistance, moisture resistance, sound reduction, and damage resistance qualities making them an expedient choice of construction material for interior walls.

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