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Expanding foam or Foam Insulation or Spray Insulation is used for filling ceiling cracks and filling irregular and broad gaps around the home, such as foundation cracks. The quick-setting foam also has soundproofing properties and is used for window and door installations as well as around exterior pipes.

It’s resistant to heat, water, and aging, making it the ideal filler to use for large holes and cracks. Despite being a lightweight product, Expanding foams also double as a structural support option.

Expanding foam can be applied using an expanding foam gun or the aerosol can and applicator. You can also purchase expanding foam tape, which is ideal for sealing your window and door frames. It is an extremely flammable aerosol that expands and hardens upon spraying and is convenient compared to most conventional fillers.

Prolonged and repeated exposure can cause allergy or asthma symptoms hence, the proper gloves, and effective display gloves must be used when handling such foam insulation.

At Buildworld, we offer a large selection of expanding foam products, including safety glasses, gloves, and expanding foam guns. These are water-resistant, fast curing, gap-filling designed for quick and easy joints, holes, and pipes. These can be sanded and also painted over giving a smooth, professional finish.

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