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Sealant Guns

We carry a wide range of sealant guns from the basic to the robust and electric. Whatever your project may be, we have a sealant gun for you.

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More Info on Sealant Guns

If you do contract work or your own home improvements, you’re likely familiar with sealant guns. Sealant guns are the tools that hold cartridges filled with caulking materials. They help you efficiently expel the caulk to fill the cracks and gaps within your home.

Sealant guns are sometimes referred to as a caulking gun or a mortar gun. There are several varieties of sealant guns, including ratchet rod, smooth rod, and electric. If you already have a sealant gun in your home, it’s likely a ratchet rod.

The type of sealant gun you need will depend on the project you’re carrying out. Professional contractors usually opt for electric sealant guns to make the job easier while homeowners and handymen use the more basic varieties.

The frequency of use will also be a deciding factor in the type of caulking gun you choose. If you plan on using your caulking gun often, you’ll want something with more adequate features such as a smooth plunger, dripless application, a rotating shaft, a spout cutter, and so on.

Not all sealant guns are created equally in terms of power, so you’ll also want to pay attention to the thrust ratio. Depending on the type of caulk you’re using, you may need a sealant gun with a heavier thrust ratio.

Sealant Gun Applications

Sealant guns are compatible with nearly any tube of caulk or sealant cartridge, respective to their thrust ratio. You can use them to bond all kinds of surfaces, including metal, glass, wood, and ceramic.

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