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Ladders | Work & Access Towers

Buildworld has put together an impressive line of products in a systematic fashion to help you find the most appropriate match, scaling new construction heights.

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Youngman Ladderlok

Youngman Ladderlok

Youngman | Not Yet Rated £17.00
Werner Laddermat

Werner Laddermat

Werner | Not Yet Rated £20.52
Werner Roof Rack Clamps

Werner Roof Rack Clamps

Werner | Not Yet Rated £21.35
Youngman Roof Hook Kit

Youngman Roof Hook Kit

Youngman | Not Yet Rated £24.26
Youngman Ladder Stay

Youngman Ladder Stay

Youngman | Not Yet Rated £25.24
Werner Chrome Stepstool

Werner Chrome Stepstool

Werner | Not Yet Rated £31.37
Werner Ladder Tag

Werner Ladder Tag

Werner | Not Yet Rated £67.24

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More Info On Ladders

Access Towers and Ladders are two different creatures that help us negotiate the same terrain albeit in different capacity: both enablers at extending our reach. However, the variations in design to accommodate a group of functions or befitting certain circumstances implore a thorough assessment before picking the most pertinent choice.

A few ladders you can’t ignore

Commonly sighted in most households are the expedient and highly reliable: Step Ladders. Easily hoisted for ascensions around the house, especially in areas such as lofts and ceilings that are normally beyond reach, the step ladder holds firm and allows comfortable climb without any need for additional support, which happens to be its greatest advantage over ladders with two legs. Step ladders are also available as Twin Step Ladder providing the same stability and comfort to support two people navigation.

Extendable frames are the central theme of Extension Ladders, which combine two frame sections resulting in the advantage of securing extra elevation sprouting from the original frame. Securing upright positions in areas with limited movement and space is the most rewarding feature of this two legged product, which by design must be supported by the structure it’s meant to help you mount on an angle.

Roof Ladders are essential for construction and repairs of roofs and to a great extent chimney repairs or during installation of contraptions on or involving the roof. Their peculiar design incorporates hook at the top end of the ladder in order to secure its grip on the roof. It also has wheels attached on the front for easy manoeuvring, and bars on the back of the ladder for even distribution of weight thus averting any damage to the roof tiles during the course of its use.

Combination Ladders are known to rescue, from the difficulty posed by places, where the structure in question does not permit the leaning of ladders on its surface to form an incline. Its 3-part composition allows it to become a non-leaning, step-ladder by opening the two back sections to form the shape of a twin-stepped ladder leaving the third section which is the top section of the ladder to cover areas requiring an extended reach. All combination ladders are equipped with a horizontal stabiliser at the base for reinforced stability at the flanks.

Access it on scaffolding

Access towers also known as scaffolding towers allow greater leverage through their sturdier structures and platforms. Affording larger working space to accommodate manpower along with working materials and tools, the access tower’s autonomous configuration reduces the need to constantly shift and averts frequent disruption in the flow of work.

All along the access tower

Limited in its use to even floor surfaces the Rolling Scaffold or Mobile Scaffold is movable unit, and is armed with locks to keep it from shaking while the working on the platform. Mobile scaffolds do not have the limitations of being fastened and allow movement to different locations within a site, thereby conserving time and energy.

Fabricated Frame Scaffolds are capable of being restructured showing great adaptability to accommodate a wide range of tasks on construction sites. Its robust configuration allows it to be used in the most demanding of places without affected the steadiness of the structure. These scaffolds are easy to install and can be adjusted to varying heights and are preferred by most construction companies.

Tube Scaffolds are time consuming to install but are worthy for their customization and hence provide greater ease of work, while Cuplock, Ringlock, and Kwickstage Scaffolds owing to their modular nature are installed without any strain in lesser time, and despite their lighter composition possess heavy-load bearing capacity.

While only a few have been discussed in above address, it is important to mention that there are a lot more varieties of access towers and ladders fabricated for specialised tasks requiring specific attributes.

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