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Wheel Barrows

Wheelbarrows and Sack trucks are small equipment designed for transporting and mixing small batches of concrete, soil and bricks at construction or building sites. Wheel barrows are usually made from different materials including steel and rubber or polypro. It is also useful in the garden, for moving soil, mud, compost or sand. Models with Pneumatic Wheels are superior to standard ones.

The small tool must be pushed and guided by a single person with the two handles provided at the back. The load in the wheelbarrow is distributed among the wheel and the operator, enabling the convenient carriage of heavy loads. There is a huge range of wheelbarrows in the market with various colors and capacities.

Buildworld has the latest in high-quality wheelbarrows from the best-known brands such as Belle. We offer complete wheelbarrows and their accessories, such as wheelbarrow tyres, pneumatic wheels, tyres, tubes, and rims. Browse through our extensive range of products and select the right one based on your requirement.

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