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Wheel Barrows

Buildworld has the latest in high-quality wheelbarrows from the best known brands to improve your shopping experience.

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More Info On Wheel Barrows

The absence of a wheelbarrow on a farm, a construction site, in gardens, or even in a backyard, is unimaginable, evoking images of sluggish activity accompanied by odious discomfort—the wheelbarrow’s ineluctability—is simply unquestionable.

The make

Traditionally, wheelbarrows were wooden and were later formulated in metal, now widely available in steel which are preferred in scenarios of moving heavy load. Although their load bearing capacity and sturdiness is unchallenged, the steel or metallic wheelbarrows are less easy to manoeuvre when loaded to full-capacity and prone to corrosion if left uncovered in monsoons. Plastic wheelbarrows on the other hand do not run the risk of rusting in the rain and are easier to manoeuvre albeit with lighter weight bearing capacity and are better suited in gardens. Wheelbarrows with Canvas or PVC line polyester fabric instead of the plastic or metallic tray are alluring options for those crammed for storage space preferring lighter collapsible wheelbarrows which are provide ground level access enabling an easy sweep of grasses, leaves or mulch directly into the wheelbarrow. Wooden wheelbarrows are also an option around the garden area provided its heavy body impediment can be overlooked and sheltered from rain for the reward of its aesthetic charm.

With or without the engine

The fundamental design of the wheelbarrow requires the handler to push it forward which is a physical task and requires some amount of strength and effort. There are many who enjoy using the basic model and the physicality associated with it, however, there are some who choose the engine driven wheelbarrow to save time and effort. Wheelbarrows running on Gas and Gasoline are of great value for heavy lifting on construction sites and around farms, while the quieter Electric wheelbarrows are great outdoors as well as indoors.

Wheels and tyres

Single wheel has always been emblematic of the traditional wheelbarrow which allows better manoeuvring and uphill movement. The two-wheeled option is steadier and bears more load without losing balance, however, it is tedious in comparison to the single wheel in manoeuvring. Synthetic rubber tyres of the inflatable types called Pneumatic tyres are the first category which have shock absorbing quality and provide ease in manoeuvring, although these are vulnerable against rough surfaces resulting in flat tyres. The non-deflectable, Non-Pneumatic tyres are slightly harsher in their movement and slightly demanding while manoeuvring.

How hard to handle?

Metal and wooden handles are sturdy, metallic handles are sturdier to operate and very durable. Heating up in the sun is the only issue with metallic handles which can be overcome with the use of hand gloves. Wooden handles are susceptible to moulds due to rain and moisture and overtime may develop cracks with the risk of eventual splintering. Plastic handles are easy to use, fragile in extreme cold weather, and crack as a result when combined with heavy loading. Ergonomic handles allow great ease in pivoting, which relives the pressure on the arms and wrists, and makes lifting and unloading safe and effortless.

The capacity of a wheelbarrow is determined by its height, width and depth, which are finally applied in terms of cubic feet and the average range figures between two to six cubic feet. Wheelbarrows are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and machinations serving their basic purpose along with advanced modulations to eliminate every strenuous aspect of your gardening, farming or construction activity.

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