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Metal Paints

Metal paints are specially formulated for painting metal surfaces and protect against rusting. Metallic paint, polychromatic paint or metal flake come in many types; Oil-based paints are a favoured choice for painting on metal surfaces such as fences, patio furniture, or backyard grills, and frequently used indoor cabinets and window frames. Although more expensive than water-based paint, it’s durable and will resist stains, rust, and marks. Single coats can do the job for tight budgets and timeframes and yet get the desired results. You can find a wide choice of metal paints in our online shop at Buildworld. These come in various colours. Our Metal paints are latex-based or oil-based and come in high gloss and matt finishes and enhance the contours of the item. Our paints can be directly applied to different metal surfaces, some not needing separate primers, including rusted metal.

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