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When you are looking to customise the style and feel in your home, a door pair maker can prove handy. This joinery solution can work with a standard door to create a matching and balanced look throughout any home. A door pair maker is a piece of wood that fits the edge of any interior door to create the desired harmonious effect. The pair makers is a simple product yet can give special effect when used with any internal door design and style, with innumerable combinations for you to select from. Interior door pairs available at Buildworld are made to the highest quality with long-lasting materials and offer the right matching look, which can impress anyone. At Buildworld, our pair makers are high quality offerings designed to create a pair of doors, both external and internal. Our Pair makers are fixed to the edge of the closed-door, thus acting as a rebate. Check out our range of pair makers in different materials such as Oak, laminate, Mdf and more. Get them fully finished, primed as well as unfinished and with variable price tags.

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