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A family-owned company, Ardex was formed in 1949 at Whitten, Germany as Norwag-Werke and has evolved over the last seven decades as a global conglomerate with offices and units around the world. Named as Ardex in 1978, today it has offices and manufacturing hubs in multiple cities across the globe, including Frankfurt, Pittsburgh, Austria, Turkey and India. The company has emerged as the leader in premium tiling and flooring installation products. The company is the preferred choice of top builders and interior designers, with several landmark constructions in its portfolio.

Why Choose Ardex?

Ardex is internationally acclaimed for its flooring and allied products, which adorn many famous buildings in public and private sectors. Some popular sites that are framed by Ardex include Piccadilly Circus Underground Station, the British Museum, St George’s Court and Elephant & Castle Leisure Centre. The Ardex UK unit has been in operations more than 60 years ago and its products are considered de-rigueur for any premium building. Moreover, Ardex is also reputed for refurbishing and can be seen in many historic locations.

If you are seeking to create a masterpiece that is timeless and exudes quality in every aspect, then you need not look beyond Ardex. The company has created a product list that includes all one requires for perfect tiling and flooring, using different materials and constantly evolving modern technology. Ardex services include providing perfect flooring solutions for different sites, matching these with best installation methods and seamless implementation. All services are conducted with a team of professional consultants to complete the job in minimum time and expense. Ardex also provides exclusive expertise for flooring solutions to building engineers, designers, architects, etc.

Tiles & Stone – Ardex acknowledges that each tiling requirement is unique depending on the material and location and has a wide range of flooring adhesives. These cover indoor and outdoor areas, like bathrooms, kitchens and spas in residential and commercial projects.

Designer Walls & Floors – Exclusive fillers to create smooth, joint-free surfaces for decorative walls and floors. TerrazoPlus and Pandomo are the leading brands in this category and ensure cost-effective solutions with speed.

Industrial Flooring – The Seirepox brand from Ardex makes for convenient industrial flooring that is easy to maintain.

Sealants – The best solutions to ward off damp and seepage for all kinds of sites.

Toppings & Concrete Restoration – Refurbishing may be cosmetic at the surface level or surgical, requiring deep restoration work. No matter the type of coverage or material, Ardex has innovative products to address top level or deep stone issues.

Smoothing Compounds – Wall coverings are enhanced by smooth under walls and nothing can best ensure this than Ardex putty compounds.

Resilient & Timber Flooring Adhesives – These require seamless joints and special substrates and may involve parquet, mosaic, carpet or linoleums.

Subfloor Preparation – A seamlessly flat under floor is a must for any site and Ardex provides a durable and efficient primer coating to achieve this. These primers and leveling compounds are best for even unstable subfloors and critical substrates.

Why Select Buildworld for Ardex Products?

Buildworld is fast-emerging as a one-stop shop for all building and timber needs. We stock all products and accessories, including tools for building. These encompass only the top brands in construction supplies, assuring you quality in whatever you select. Whether you are expert engineers or seeking to indulge in a DIY job, you will find Buildworld a delight to shop at.

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