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Dietzel Univolt was founded in 1938 by Alfred and Bertha Dietzel and based in Vienna. The company is a pioneer in Cable Management systems and has a number of firsts to its credit. Dietzel Univolt developed the first plastic conduits for electrical installations, branded Univolt and Evilon in 1953. In 1975, they presented the first pliable drainage pipe in Austria and another five years later brought out the first halogen-free plastic conduits (HFT). Today, the company has expanded to several other countries and is present in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Slovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, and China.

Why Choose Dietzel?

Dietzel Univolt has a repute that spans more than 7 decades and is a proven leader in the field of cable management systems. Not willing to rest on past laurels, the company has continuously strived to achieve greater heights with products that have fulfilled the changing demands of time and the customer. A team of expert engineers works to create innovative solutions and follow a strict quality monitoring process. Dietzel has acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 1995 and is renowned for its premium applications in a number of countries across the globe. Their applications can be seen in numerous landmark constructions, such as the Sweden-Denmark link bridge, the IMAX, Nuremberg and the BMW factory in Brazil.

The company exports 65% of its capacity production and has a strong before and after sales service. Dietzel Univolt specializes in the following segments –

  • Cable Systems: Ducts and conduits for electrical installations
  • Protection: Earthing and protection from lightning
  • Allied Systems: Cable routing, trunking sets, and mounting systems
  • Assembly: Low voltage engineering and assembling for construction sites

Some of the company’s products include -
Conduits from PVC: made especially with safety in mind, these conduits are versatile, resistant and reliable. Also available are accessories.

Halogen-free Conduits: Dietzel Univolt has pioneered a new HFT series that combine the properties of flame retardant and halogen free. These are useful for a range of applications and safe. The safety requirements are in accordance with LSFOH.

Protective Conduits: this patented system has quick and easy mounting of halogen-free accessories, making it highly efficient. These have tremendous durability, even as they are simple to fit and do not require any special tools.

Installation Boxes: these are available with all accessories, making them complete solutions. All Dietzel installation boxes are made for low voltage mechanisms, as per international standards. Available for surface mounting, concealed cabling for machine and plant constructions and cavity walls.

Concrete Systems: a company developed design, these concrete box components are made to fit contemporary construction needs. These are efficient and user-friendly.

Lightning Protection & Earthing: these form the company’s core products and were first developed in 1938. Branded as Univolt, these have evolved with modern technology and are easy to install.

Besides the above, Dietzel Univolt also provides Cable Trunking, Ducting Systems, and Conduits from metal.

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