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Emir Hand Tools is a brand of the Emmerich (Berlon) Ltd and a leading provider of quality hand tools and work benches. The company is a family-owned one and was first established at Remscheid, Germany in 1852. In 1932, son Friedrich Willhelm Emmerich founded the first British unit at Bermondsey, London and thereafter, the company has remained in the UK. Popular demand saw the company move to exclusive larger premises at Ashford, Kent in 1966 and it continues to operate from there even today. EMIR is valued for its quality craftsmanship and unique design in wood and urethane.

Why Choose Emir?

With over 70 years of experience and operations, Emir is a brand that is trusted and reputed. The company has varied portfolio that includes work benches for commercial, educational and other applications. From small to large orders, Emir has successfully fulfilled numerous requirements, including the difficult and demanding bespoke demands. Its strength is in its in-house facility that has catered to organizations, industries, museums and the glamorous fashion industry. The USP of the company lies in its continuous tradition of using premium materials, purpose-driven design and durability.

The Kent unit employs top of the line craftsmen and engineers, who work with quality raw timber, converting it into exclusive designs that are made with machines, as well as by hand. The company has its own polyurethane plant to create a range of plastic floats for rendering and plastering. It also makes high-density tools for sheet metal work. Emir acquired the reputed Harris Looms in 1980, enhancing its manufacturing capability. At that time, owner Bill Emmerich invented a computer design unit that allowed textile designers to create digital weaving styles that could be transferred to looms directly.

Emir work benches are owned with pride today and made mostly of solid beech wood sourced responsibly from European forests. Their classic design allows the customer to draw bolt the bench into different combinations with its innovative interchangeable hardwood components. The tops of the benches feature the exclusive Emir braces that ensure they remain flat despite environment variances. The designs are such that the bench retains its stability even on facing demanding work environments. These benches are also available in different laminates, glass, linoleum, resin-based materials, MDF, and steel. Emir benches are applicable for general purposes, square shaped, multi-functional, perimeter, craft and bespoke, along with all accessories.

The remaining range of EMIR products includes -
Cutting Tables: different industries require cutting tables, and Emir understands the requirements of each. From fashion houses to printing stations, Emir has a solution. The fabric cutting tables are customized as per height to avoid back pain. They are fitted with convenient pigeon holes and shelves as required. The screen printing tables come with linoleum or stainless steel tops and have numerous options for castors, dimensions, and storage.

Emir also offers a special range of Varihi benches, which are adjustable for height and ideal for those who use a bench while seated or standing.

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