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Heritage Brass is an elite brand owned by the M Marcus Limited., a company that was established in 1940s. Initially, M Marcus began as a traditional brass founder but gained immense popularity through its Heritage Brass creations.

Why Choose Heritage-Brass?

In 1984, M Marcus began to sell products under the Heritage Brass brand and has become synonymous with the name. Heritage Brass is the No. 1 choice for architectural and electrical brassware across several countries. Heritage Brass products are made for both – professionals and DIY aspirants. The company has its headquarters at Dudley, UK, with sales and distribution offices worldwide.

Just the name Heritage Brass spells premium class when it comes to brassware. The brand has evolved over the decades to add value in the set-ups where it is used. This is because of the company’s unflinching dedication to quality in materials and processes and its own in-house manufacturing facility. Over the years, Heritage Brass launched its own creative line of electrical plates and hardware that sport a significant elegance, which is unmistakable. The company only employs the topmost quality management processes, ensuring a quality product that is timeless in style and durability. Heritage Brass is dedicated to quality management and has acquired the ISO 9002 certification. It also practices environment-friendly norms and ensures on green packaging.

During the 1980s, Heritage Brass enhanced its manufacturing by shifting to latest ‘Pressure Casting’ method, from the older ‘Sand Casting’ tradition. Continuing to adopt modern technologies, during the 1990’s the company shifted to the contemporary method of ‘Hot Forging’, which it practices to date. This method is the reason behind the brand’s consistent and fine quality finished products.

Additionally, Heritage Brass decided to do away with the ancient ‘hand polish’ system, which resulted in non-uniform finished products. The company employed the ‘Robot’ technology for finishing, which gave its products an edge over the competition with seamless contours.

One of the highlights of their product processes is the ‘Everbrite’ system, which ensures the longevity of finish and carries a 25-year guarantee.

Heritage Brassware is brassware is ideal for doors, with handles, knobs, external hardware, window and cabinet hardware, pull handles and hinges, along with all accessories. Their Electric range consists of plates, grid ranges, ceiling switches and wall sockets and twin sockets with USB charging. In the Panic and Security section, you can avail of sashlocks, night latches, bathroom locks and deadbolts.

Why Select Buildworld for Heritage-Brass Products?

Heritage Brass collections are ideal not just for commercial builders, but also for professionals, like architects and individuals launching a DIY project. Buildworld is the ultimate answer to all construction and timber materials. We take the chore out of your shopping, making it easy and simple; allowing you to concentrate on just the sheer joy of building. Whether you are seeking basic building aggregates, or decorative or renovation tools; Buildworld stocks it all. We assure you the best quality and a wide range of products under a single roof and at highly competitive prices.

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