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ABB’s Kopex Leads The Conduit Way

The ABB Group has been around for more than 130 years and its history of innovation spans across 4 customer-focused key areas of business:

  • Electrification
  • Motion
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics & Discrete Automation

Kopex is an integral series of conduit components and liquid-resistant systems present in any one of the above areas, with a key focus on Electrification and Industrial Automation. In fact, Kopex metallic conduit systems are one of the best in terms of quality and reliability worldover.

Kopex product owner ABB is the end-result of several mergers and acquisitions, but the group is primarily the combined result of the 1988 merger of ASEA and BBC (formerly known as Brown Boveri –not the country’s broadcaster!), which many will recognise as two of the most prominent names in the history of European electrical engineering.

Today, ABB’s portfolio of scientists, engineers and technologists are continually coming up with new and comprehensive product lines aimed at increasing energy efficiency as well as augmenting true reliability and productivity for all manners of uses, whether industrial or on a domestic level.

Kopex Systems Are Anything But Typical

Products that classify as part of the Kopex range include Liquid Tight Systems, Liquid Resistant Systems, Uncovered Conduit Systems, Pliable Conduit Systems and general Kopex accessories. The focus is exclusively on metallic conduit systems and Kopex systems can be found all over the UK. Kopex protection is used for a vast variety of industrial purposes, including rail protections, construction protection coverings and systems as well as in large industrial applications.

Kopex is a name that runs like a golden thread through the very principle of quality assurance in manufacture. And it is also a brand that enjoys accreditations from a vast selection of major quality sectors and organisations the world over.

Kopex Finds A Home At Buildworld

Most Kopex components are available at Buildworld, and anything super-specialised and not in stock at any point can be ordered. Buyers can either visit a Buildworld in person or order from our online store.

The majority of lines can be ordered for at-home or at-business delivery. And those in need of guidance or even just looking for help obtaining a complete Kopex catalogue can simply do so by either approaching any one of our friendly in-store staff members or alternatively, by logging a request online.

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