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Light Your Way with Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a brand that is fully dedicated to torches, literally helping people to find their way in every situation and especially so in building and construction projects. The different products can be used on camping trips, when sailing, hiking or cycling or, of course, if you’re completing a tricky DIY or construction job and other light sources are scarce.

With years of experience behind them, this torch manufacturer offers items that are comfortable to hold and resistant to water, with life spans up to 100,000 hours and lumen (brightness) ratings of up to 400. They’re also very durable, so will survive the knocks and drops that can happen while you’re working on a building project or trekking over rugged terrain.

What’s more, this Norwich-based company also supplies superior alkaline batteries to keep your lights burning for longer. The batteries are available in AA, AAA, 9V, C LR14, and D LR20Or, so all sizes required by Lighthouse devices are covered. Alternatively, you can opt for the rechargeable devices if you’d prefer.

A Torch for Every Occasion

Many of the products in the Lighthouse range use Light Emitting Diode (LED) lights, while others use conventional bulbs. Headlamps come in a range of sizes for hands-free use, and some are even specially designed to provide focused beams of light or for use in sport. Bike lights can help keep cyclists safe at night while camping lanterns are perfect whenever you’re sitting outdoors.

Inspection lights and penlights are also available in various sizes and strengths, with extenders or focused beams depending on the model you choose. And as for the Krypton Spotlight, we think you’ll agree that the name says it all! Pocket torches and foldable desk lamps complete the range and ensure that Lighthouse really does have a device that’s right for every possible occasion.

Grab Your Lighthouse Lights at Buildworld

Buildworld is the perfect place to purchase your Lighthouse products from, because we offer a huge range at exceptional prices. You can visit our warehouse in Leicester to see the lamps and torches in person before you buy them or place your orders online and then have them delivered or collect them yourself.

Either way, the friendly experts on our customer service team will be available to help you in any way they can, and you’ll have a range of simple, trusted payment mechanisms to choose from. Find your way to your next construction or building project, or your next adrenaline-packed outside adventure, with Lighthouse and Buildworld.

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