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SPAX International, a member of the Altenloh, Brinck and Co-Group, has brought in the innovation in the field of screw manufacturing. They have highly influenced the fastening industry with their cold, massive forming technology for product manufacturing. The company has made itself a name for manufacturing innovative and best quality screws in the market. They have an array of products to suit the requirements of individual or industry. They manufacture and package their products for better results and high level of customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Spax?

SPAX manufactures products for all – be it a professional contractor or DIYers. Find yourself the perfect solutions – whether it is a simple hanging job or a major remodel work – SPAX has a project-appropriate and reliable option for your need. The company takes pride in the safety, strength and efficiency of their products.

SPAX delivers uncompromised quality and high craftsmanship for all its products, which has helped them gain a competitive edge over the market. The company has unique patented features that are reflected in their products. For over two centuries of cold-forming engineering and manufacturing fastening solutions, the company boasts of its high-quality and durability. Their continuous innovations made them one of the market leaders in screw production. They offer a vast range of premium quality fastening solutions to ensure a perfect finish and professional result.

They have specific multi-material construction screws to suit all wood, masonry, sheet metal, and plastics structural work. The company’s product variations are tailored to specific trade and each industry, like; exterior construction screws, medium density fiberboard screws, cabinet screws, rear panel screws and much more.

Stainless Steel Screws: These screws by SPAX are ideal for wooden decks and the outside areas. They are designed to minimise creaking of floor structure by the proper fixing of the top structure. They offer a seamless look in the structures. They can be used easily without pre-drilling, reducing the splitting in wood and providing the perfect look.

Timber Construction Screws: These screws provide fast and reliable service while reinforcing wood and beam connections. It provides flush effect and looks perfect.

Indoor Screws: SPAX indoor screws are quick, safe and can be used for multifunctional applications in the indoors.

Window Screws: The screws are best suited for screwing into metal and provide clean and seamless look. They offer quick and secure fastening for every window.

Bits: These bits are made for high performance. SPAX has high wear resistance properties and can be used for various functions.

Why Select Buildworld for Spax Products?

We at Buildworld, strive to bring you the best assortment of SPAX products for your wide range of structural applications to feed all your construction needs. Whether you need screws to hang a picture or to complete your remodelling work, we have a perfect solution for every job-specific need. We bring to you an array of highest quality and best-in-class products from various brands at the most competitive prices. Get the quality assurance and save your time while searching your essential products with us. Buildworld offers you both reliability and variety at the best possible prices.

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