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Zinsser, established in 1849, has created a name in the construction arena with its unique, problem-solving products that satisfy the needs of professional contractors and DIYers equally. The company has remained true to its character and products, for over 150 years. Zinsser manufactures its products in ISO 9001-certified facilities to maintain its consistency and quality. From introducing shellac in the market to developing a full-line of high-performance primers, wallcovering products, and coatings – Zinsser has created a brand name for itself with its cutting edge of innovation.

Why Choose Zinsser?

Zinsser has created new products and new product categories to cater to the needs of contractors and exceed their expectations for quality and performance, over the years. The company’s name has been synonymous with quality and has ensured consistency in all its products. Zinsser’s products range started from its first-of-a-kind shellac-based primer-sealer to introducing many more firsts in the market of sealers, primers, and paints.

The company products have been used to refurbish some popular sites along the coastal areas like Cornish seaside town and Bournemouth Pier, along with factories like; Rolls-Royce, Aeromet International, and much more. Zinsser products are a must-have in any construction work and it ensures lasting results.

If you are planning on constructing your dream-home or even refurbishing one – don’t look beyond Zinsser. The company delivers world-class products that counter the challenges in the real world. The products are tried and tested and offer high-performance every single time.

Primer, Sealer, And Stain Killer - Zinsser offers primers with unparalleled adhesion to any surface without any extra sanding or scuffing. Its sealers can block even the toughest of stains, both on interior surfaces and exterior surfaces. These products offer effective resistance to fungal degradation and permanently blocks every kind of odour.

Exterior Surface Paints – The exterior surface paints are designed to provide ultimate performance on all surfaces. The paint promises excellent resistance against cracking, blistering and flaking. It comes in three finishes – matte, gloss and satin, to give your structure a bright look and keep it beautiful for years.

Peeling Problems – Zinsser provides a solution to the peeling, flaking, dusting or chalking problems with its bridging sealer. Works on both old and new surfaces by creating a unique breathable membrane to let the moisture escape.

Scoring Tools & Wallpaper Remover – With patented scoring wheels in the single or triple head that perforate wallpaper to help the remover penetrate effortlessly - one can easily remove the old wallpaper without damaging the walls. The company’s smoothening tool makes smoothing out wrinkles, setting seams and guiding trims a child’s play, giving it a professional finish.

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