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Established as a family concern in 1956, Bradstone was founded by EH Bradley & Sons, who had already been in business since 1902. The first unit of Bradstone opened at the picturesque locale of southern Cotswold famed for and is a historic landmark today. Bradstone has since then become a household name for transforming outdoor spaces, such as driveways and gardens. The company offers a range of unmatched landscaping products made from the soft yellow stone that is quarried from the area around Cotswold.

Landscaping can make or break the visual appeal of any dwelling. It is vital to use the best quality materials that perfectly resemble nature while providing a correct fit to the site. This is where Bradstone comes in. Since 1956, the company has been creating exclusive outdoor areas and is a forerunner in the field. Bradstone landscaping has won several awards for its breathtaking gardens at shows like the BBC Gardeners World Live, RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, RHS Chatworth Flower Show and the Chelsea Flower Show.

The company draws inspiration from nature and works with renowned landscaping artists, including Paul Hervey-Brookes to provide unparalleled garden designs. Whether you are looking for a simple garden in your gallery or a lavish Californian one or a vintage layout, the company has you covered with its vast experience and innovative ideas.

Paving Blocks are the highlight of Bradstone and are available in numerous textures, like Metallic, Natural, Tempered and Granite and many more. These paving blocks are made from natural stone, porcelain and concrete. The material and the treatment decide the look of the paver and play a vital role in the designing style of the garden or layout.

Choosing the Right Material
Concrete: These are made by mixing sand, cement, stone with water and can be moulded into umpteen textures and colours. Concrete paving blocks can be used anywhere, as well as for any design; be it traditional or modern. One of the best finishes in concrete pavers is the ‘natural weathered’ look, with the ‘aged marble’ effect coming a close second. These finishes are moulded by Bradstone themselves and can be used for patios, gardens, poolsides and walkways.

Porcelain: Made by baking clay, sand and other materials in a kiln that has high temperatures, porcelain has a timeless appeal and is also amazingly durable. Porcelain is non-porous, and due to this, it can be used inside and outside. These pavers cannot be penetrated by oils and chemicals, and thus, do not need any sealant treatment. In fact, porcelain belying its fragile looks is unbelievably tough and long-lasting.

Natural Stone: Granite, Quartzite, Slate, and Natural Sandstone all comprise this category. These paving stones are sourced ethically by Bradstone and enhanced with modern processes depending on the final look. Natural stones have a unique finish and colour that is the result of centuries of weathering. They are dynamic and can be used in residences, as well as in a contemporary setting.

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