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For the last ten years, Broadfix has provided a one-stop solution for high-performing shims. Broadfix promises a comprehensive collection of shimming, spacing, and levelling tools that are guaranteed to suit your project. Broadfix offers plastic shims in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the needs of any job, whether it be for a door, window, kitchen, or much more. Plastic shims will not swell or shrink and are completely waterproof – perfect for use in damp, moist areas. Broadfix’s plastic shims offer impressive high compressive strength.

Broadfix manufactures its shims with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled material. Broadfix’s shims are colour-coded by thickness, making your project even more straightforward.

Buildworld is proud to offer an assortment of Broadfix’s comprehensive collection of shims and wedges. In our store you can find the following:

Standard U Packers: U Packing shims are suitable for shimming, levelling, or spacing in almost any construction or DIY project. The “U” shape allows the tool to hold to fixing before tightening, making the job both smooth and precise. Broadfix’s U Packers are colour-codes by thickness, which ranges from 1mm to 10 mm.

Flat Packers: Flat packers are ideal for narrower shimming jobs. Like Broadfix’s other plastic shims, these flat packers can withstand higher loads than traditional wood flat packers. They are available in assorted thicknesses ranging from 1mm-6mm. In addition to a bag or tub of assorted Broadfix Flat Packers, Buildworld also offers Broadfix’s Glazing Packers, which are suitable for installing doors and other frames.

Precision and Double Snap Wedges: Wedges are ideal for jobs that require ultra-precise incremental adjustment. Their design with a middle slot allows for them to be placed around the fixing, facing each other, and then adjusted to desired thickness. Buildworld also carries Broadfix’s Double Snap Wedges, which snap both ways to make your shimming job even easier. Broadfix recommends using their Double Snap Wedge for bathrooms or kitchen cabinetry, plus much more.

Assorted Leveling Shims: Buildworld offers a convenient tub of 150 Broadfix levelling shims. The set includes three of the most popular shim styles, including 45 Standard U Shims, 90 Flat Packers, and 15 Snap Wedges.

Buildworld’s online store makes it easy to shop Broadfix’s products with options to narrow your search for product specifications and delivery availability. Our highly skilled staff is eager to help you with your order, whether big or small.

Shop Broadfix products today in our online store and enjoy delivery anywhere in the UK.

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