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Carlton Bricks

Carlton Brick’s Yorkshire factory site in Grimethorpe, near Barnsley, has been home to brick manufacturing processes for at least the past 125 years. The brickworks runs seven days a week, throughout the year, and with so much experience and dedication it’s safe to say that the Carlton Brick team really knows what they’re doing.

In 2017 Michelmersh Brick, which represents several trusted brands in Europe and the United Kingdom, acquired Carlton Brick. With the Yorkshire firm producing over 35 million wire-cut bricks every year, the deal boosted Michelmersh productivity and profits and allowed Carlton to keep manufacturing bricks that are perfectly matched to existing brickwork across various regions of England.

Today Carlton Bricks are popular with builders tackling projects of all varieties and sizes, thanks to their durability, low moisture absorption rate and uniform, attractive appearance. Buy them from Buildworld, and you’re guaranteed all that quality along with expert advice, top-drawer customer service, and competitive prices!

Carlton Brick Products

You’ll find a diverse selection of Carlton Bricks at Buildworld, all manufactured according to high standards. Their appearance and compositions differ according to the regions they have been designed to match, but the wire cutting techniques used to ensure they are always uniform in size so that they’re easy to work with and produce a pleasing finish.

Carlton bricks are all sold per pallet and are usually the standard 73 mm or 65 mm sizes. The Clayburn Civic bricks have a pleasing russet tone, with a light texture, and create a splendid, slightly formal feel similar to traditional grand homes or civic buildings. Select from our collection of facing bricks, paving bricks, Stock Bricks, Brick Slips and more.

The Heather and Moorland Sandfaced bricks produce a pleasing rough texture that works especially well for home renovations. Mapplewell bricks are inspired by the English village of the same name, with a buff colour and especially good sound and thermal qualities. The rustic Brodsworth range has a unique appearance, with distinctive large dimples seen on the surface, while Carlton’s Kirkby heavy-textured, dark red bricks are clearly inspired by the Knowsley town in Merseyside.

Whatever products you decide to use, you can trust that they will last well and look good on your property for years to come. Speak to a Buildworld customer service agent today to decide which bricks are right for your project, or order from our user-friendly, ultra-convenient online store to get your construction underway as soon as possible.

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