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Clark Drain

Since 1963, Clark Drain has been a leader in the design of drainage products for the construction industry. The family-owned company prides itself on the quality and cost-effectiveness of their products, and their commitment to customers. To deliver on this promise Clark Drainworks with a variety of experts, such as merchants, civil engineers, Tier 1 and ground subcontractors, architects, and asset owners.

Safety is another one of Clark Drain’s priorities, and their products meet or exceed loading standards and are durable enough to reduce the need for maintenance and early replacement. A network of global production facilities supports Clark Drain; however, they are proud of their UK heritage and their reputation as the pioneers of the first steel cover in the UK.

Clark Drain offers manhole covers of various materials, including iron, steel, and polypropylene, as well as a variety of gullies, chamber systems, and underground fixtures. Buildworld conveniently provides Clark Drain products that are suitable for a variety of building and construction projects. These products include:

Manhole Covers: Clark Drain designs their products for long-lasting performance in high-density traffic. At Buildworld, you will find manhole covers that are suitable for pedestrian and driveway traffic in both solid top and recessed design. The Buildworld shop features Clark Drain manhole covers that come in a variety of weights (5-25 tonne) and depth (30mm-80mm) to suit your needs.

Drainage Channels: Clark Drain channels are perfect for your home drainage needs for landscaping projects or garage thresholds. Clark Drain channels are lightweight, heat resistant, non-rusting, and include a SnapLock grating design for easy installation no matter the length. Buildworld also offers Clark Drain end caps that are compatible with the drainage channels available in our store, as well as a Clark Drain Debris Trap for a polypropylene domestic channel.

Step Irons: Step irons are a malleable device set into concrete to form a series of steps. They can also be placed down a wall to aid in access. The Buildworld store offers Clark Drain step irons in both the 115 mm and 230 mm size.

Buildworld offers delivery nationwide in the UK, as well as pick up in Leicester. Buildworld’s knowledgeable staff is directly involved in ensuring a prompt and efficient delivery service suitable and safe for your purchases.

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