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Protect Your Pipes with Climaflex. Climaflex is a high-quality, flexible and durable pipe insulation product made of polyethylene. Extremely efficient at an impressively low price point, Climaflex is ideal for domestic DIY projects as well as larger, commercial applications. The pipes are easy to install and use, and the grey foam pipe lagging products are constructed as closed cells.

Not only will Climaflex insulate your central heating pipes and protect them from frost, it is also chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) free and has an Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) of zero. In the United Kingdom Climaflex is manufactured by synthetic foam company NMC, known for its forward-thinking policies on sustainability and conservation.

In fact, NMC won the 2018 FSK Innovation Award for their Climaflex technology. You can trust the material to look after your pipes and the environment at the same time. The cutting-edge insulation comes in various sizes, to accommodate as many building and improvement projects as possible. Below, you can find out more about the range of Climaflex products that we carry at Buildworld.

Climaflex Options at Buildworld

Choose from a variety of diameters, thicknesses and lengths, depending on what the specific parameters and requirements of your project are. Your options include diameters of 15 mm, 22 mm, 28 mm, 35 mm, 42 mm and 54 mm; thicknesses of 9 mm, 13 mm, 19 mm and 25 mm; and lengths of 1 m and 2 m.

To install and fit Climaflex pipe lagging, you simply need to fit tubes of the correct dimensions onto your pipes, taking care to position the angled lagging over the pipe corners and fitting adjacent straight cells on either side. Once the pipes are in position, glue the contact surface areas between them using a universal adhesive such as NMC Fix.

The flexible inner material and stronger outer coating provide the necessary structure, shape and snug fit, and the cells can easily be cut to size to ensure the perfect fit. The products withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius and can even be used outside, although the increased exposure to the elements will shorten their lifespan a little.

Still, for its strong structure and flexibility, Climaflex is simply unsurpassed. Our helpful Buildworld customer service agents often recommend it routinely and are available to answer all your queries about this product. We’ll help you find what you need at our land-based or online stores, and supply your materials promptly and at excellent prices, so you can complete your project in record time.

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