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Dulux Paints

Dulux Paints have their beginnings even earlier than the First World War when they sold varnishes. The first official company to make paints was launched in 1919, and a factory was set up on a 30-acre location in Slough, UK. Over the last century, the company saw different tie-ups and a continuous progression of technical evolutions that led to it become a household name that it is today.

Paints are one of the vital components in decoration and protection. These chemical compounds have come a long way from being sheer decoratives for homes and dwellings and have been developed to multi-task in accordance with changing times. Each area has its own specific requirements, and the paint has to fulfil those needs. Today, paints can be anti-corrosive, anti-stain, weatherproof, anti-slip, fire-retardant and a lot more, depending on the area of a dwelling, such as a roof, kitchen, bathroom or outdoor porch.

Dulux Paints is a pioneer in the field of paints with more than a century of experience in its portfolio. The company is a global brand that is synonymous with premium paints. Whether you are from the western part of the globe or eastern, Dulux Paints has been a name that immediately comes to mind, whenever paint is discussed.

You will find paints for Interiors and Exteriors at Dulux Paints. These include Matt, Glossy, Washable, Dulux Easycare and Tough Matt that comes with the company’s own developed formula to resist staining.

These are available as per the room concerned, be it a bedroom, living room, children’s room or kitchen and bathroom. The Dulux Kitchen + Matt is a unique solution for this area, as it is durable and created to remain free of the usual grease and stains usually unavoidable in kitchens. Similarly, there is also the Dulux Bathroom + Soft Sheen that is for wet areas and made to withstand the steam and humidity. If difficult to remove marks are ruining your wall, a great solution is the Paint Mixing Endurance + Matt, which is a washable finish that eradicates stubborn stains.

With a collection of more than 1200 paints, Dulux Paints is considered the best name in paints, be it in the UK, or any other country around the globe. A couple of years ago, the company launched new products with Chromalock and MixLab, as well as an innovative Visualizer app. Keeping in mind the aesthetic appeal of the material, Dulux Paints also launched a Training Academy that imparts knowledge on all aspects of painting, including colour scheming and mural painting. Dulux has a range of paints for externals areas, such as garage doors, entrance doors, masonry, metal, wood exteriors, uPVC and window frames, etc. These come in Satin, Textured, Gloss and Smooth finishes. Besides the above, Dulux Paints also offers Primers and Undercoats, Brushes and Rollers. The company also has a team of experts to help you create a colour theme as per your choice.

Buildworld is pleased to offer you a range of products by Dulux Paints. We pride ourselves on stocking the best brands and the highest quality products. A one-stop-shop for all construction and timber materials, Buildworld allows you the convenience of buying all your building materials with the ease of just a click. From cement, bricks, and mortar, to the most sophisticated and minute hand tools, you will find them all here and at the best of prices.

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