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Fillcrete is a market-leading supplier of exclusive building products, especially concrete expansion joints. Their products are available throughout the UK and Eire. We carry two Fillcrete products at Buildworld for your expansion joint needs: the Long Fillaboard Expansion Joint Strip and the Brickfill Expansion Joint Roll.

The FillCrete Long Fillaboard Expansion Joint Strip is a durable and resilient multi-purpose expansion joint filler. Fillaboard meets BAA and DOT specifications and will protect your concrete against cracks and heave.

If you’re looking for a joint expansion filler for brick and blockwork, the low-resistance FillCrete Brickfill Expansion Joint Roll is a great option. Brickfill is easy to work with and meets the British Standards for brickwork movement joints.

Why Buy Fillcrete Products?

Fillcrete gap-filling products provide water, fire, and heave protection, prevent air leakage, and mitigate issues such as differential movement.

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