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Plumbing contains couplings, soil manifold, Airsure Air admittance valves and Pow-R wrap.Flexseal is a UK-based company that is a market leader in sewer and drainage systems, as well as inflexible couplings. The company was first established at Sheffield in 1988 for the same purpose. Soon, increasing demand leads to larger premises and that too proved small by the late 1990s.

Today, the company has a factory admeasuring almost 3000 sq mts at Wombwell, Barnsley. In early 200os, Flexseal was taken over by the Fernco Group, a US-based company with a 50-year reputation of quality flexible couplings. Flexseal products are sold not just in the UK, but many more with manufacturing in nine countries alone.

Drainage is a vital part of any construction and requires quality materials to ensure long-term sustainability and ease of life. This is why it pays to use premium materials such as Flexseal, which is renowned worldwide. Flexseal couplings are ideal for use with concrete, plastic, cast iron, clay and steel pipes. They are made for sewerage, plumbing, vents and drainage systems. The company has expanded its products portfolio to include injection moulding plants, further enhancing its capabilities. Its recent products include those for plumbing couplings, channel drainage and saddle connections, as well as pipe repair systems.

Flexseal has the strength of an in-house manufacturing facility that includes cutting-edge technology, research and development and innovation. The company’s exclusive flexible tees and elbows have raised the bar, with little competition from any other. Tying up with Fernco has added to Flexseal’s quality and service and also allowed it to further improve its manufacturing, processes and distribution systems. Flexseal also has a German subsidiary that has made it the leader in European markets.

All Flexseal products are made in compliance to EN (European Standards) and CE (Constructions Products Regulations). Each comes with the appropriate DoP (Declaration of Performance certificate). The company has already acquired the ISO 14001 certification for its environmentally friendly management processes. Flexseal has been used for numerous landmark sites, and these include applications for flexible couplings, lateral connections, plumbing and pipe seals at places such as Welsh Water Treatment Works, the Bristol & Bath Science Park and the MI Northbound highway.

One of the latest highlights at Flexiseal is the Pow-R Wrap. This is made from water-activated fibreglass and is easy to use and apply. The Pow-R wrap works on practically all types of pipes and hoses, such as those bearing steam, air, gas, potable water, fuel hydraulics and sewerage. It is an ideal alternative to old-fashioned methods of soldering, sleeving, cementing or replacing a pipe. The Pow-R wrap is useful for dry or wet, dirty or clean and even corroded and underwater pipes.

Flexseal products are available in three categories – Civil & Drainage, Water Management and Plumbing.

In Civil & Drainage, there are flexible couplings, lateral connections, pipe seals, drain dyes, pipe doctor and pipe lubricant. Water Management has non-return and backwater valves, flap valves, pen stocks, channel drainage and access point solutions. Plumbing contains couplings, soil manifold, Airsure Air admittance valves and Pow-R wrap.

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