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Gorilla Tubs

Red Gorilla Tubs has its headquarters in Leicestershire and is a leading Supplier of Yard, Garden and Building Site Equipment. Over the years, Red Gorilla Tubs has become one of the leading providers of a host of garden and outdoor equipment for all kinds of spaces. The company claims that its products are the best for all kinds of jobs and this has been tested and proven.

The company was originally called Faulks and Cox and introduced to the world the popular two-handled flexible plastic tub. After that, its products grew in popularity so rapidly that the brand continued to expand further, with official distribution centers in many countries across the globe.

Why choose the Red Gorilla®brand?

In 2018, Faulks and Cox rebranded to Red Gorilla® keeping up the tradition of offering high-quality, value products that find inexhaustible application in industries and households. The brand has solutions for diverse needs and includes a range of high-quality tubs, buckets, Face Masks, brushes, containers, brooms, and more for use in gardens, homes, construction sites, and elsewhere. There are ranges specifically manufactured for construction that are innovative and designed keeping in mind the tough conditions. These products can be used in low or high temperatures and in most weather conditions.

Over the last 40 years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds not just because of the high value and quality of its products but also because of its delivery of top-notch service to customers. The company is looking forward to continued loyalty from customers, launching new products and services to strengthen the trust.

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