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Lasting Plaster And Plasterboard Repairs With Gyproc. For almost 100 years, Gyproc has been one of Saint-Gobain’s most trusted brands when it comes to plaster and plasterboard repairs. Whether you’re looking for a multi-purpose filler, a joint finishing compound for drywall, or fibreglass mesh tape to reinforce repairs or jointing, the brand has products to meet your needs.

Gyproc’s story really begins not all that long after British Plaster Board (BPB) Limited set up the UK’s first plasterboard plant. Things really took off during World War II, when people needed construction methods that were fast, easy, and reliable. Around the same time, BPB acquired rival company Gyproc Products Limited, and then it set about expanding its footprint abroad. The company invested in South Africa, France, North America, the Nordic countries, and elsewhere in Europe.

Although Saint-Gobain maintains regional brands, Gyproc products are the most widely used of them. The brand also is the only one promoted when the group enters new markets. Aside from the quality of the fillers, tapes, and other products, Gyproc’s ongoing success is a testament to the brand’s pursuit of constant improvement and innovation.

Quality Products From Start To Finish

Gyproc fillers are compounds manufactured using gypsum, a naturally occurring mineral that is non-toxic. The mineral is known for offering remarkable humidity control as well as fire resistance. The mineral also can be recycled.

If you need to chase in, patch, or repair drywalling, Gyproc Easi Fill 45 is an ideal choice. The double coat filler cures in 45 minutes after application, and you can apply a second layer after 80 minutes. Gyproc Easi Fill 60 is great for bulk filling as well as finishing, and it takes only an hour to cure. You can apply the second coat 140-280 minutes after the first coat.

When you need to reinforce repairs or to conceal butt-edge or square plasterboard joints, Gyproc’s self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tapes are a natural choice. Their open fabric means you won’t get bubbles and blisters, and their tight fibreglass mesh gives them significant durability. The brand’s Plasterboard Patches can make plasterboard repairs much easier.

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You need to look no further than Buildworld when you need Gyproc fillers, tapes, and patches for your DIY or construction jobs. We stock a wide range of products, most of which are available in different sizes.

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