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Keeping your garden and lawn healthy requires watering. To do that job easy, Buildworld offers Hozelock products. Whether you have vegetables and fruit trees growing in your backyard, healthy plants add to your home and lifestyle. To bring your flowers, vegetables, herbs and lawn a drink, Buildworld offers Hozelock products, including garden hoses, sprinklers and accessories. With Hozelock products, you can even plan and build water features to make your yard a relaxing, tranquil escape.

Product Types Available at Buildworld

Whether it's winter, spring, summer or autumn, keep your home prepared by having a Hozelock sprinkler, hose and auto reel on hand. Additional convenient tools include extension wands for watering hanging baskets, hose connectors and adaptors, and cleaning brushes for keeping the exterior of your home and car sparkling. Hozelock products every homeowner or gardener should include on their shopping list are a sprinkler, a hose, and, to keep your yard neat, an auto reel to store your hose.

Connectors and adaptors of various sizes and styles, all available at Buildworld, can bring water to all parts of your yard and gardens. Sprinklers and multi-spray guns can do everything from watering delicate flowers to powering away dirt and grime from your car or sidewalk.

Why Buy Hozelock Products?

Whether you need the hoses and supplies for an irrigation system or just a sprinkler for your garden at home, Buildworld offers the Hozelock tools you need in stores or online.

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Hozelock Multi Spray Gun

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Hozelock Double Male Adaptor

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Hozelock Hose End Connector Plus

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Hozelock Hose Connection Set

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