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IG Lintels stands out for its exclusive construction components, such as lintels. The company is part of an international giant making lintels, the Keystone Group and the IG brand was established in 1958. Originally, IG Lintels provided only steel lintels and masonry support systems. Today, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include Cavity Trays, Brick Slip Feature Lintels, Windposts and Steel Support Systems. The first open lintel was pioneered by IG, which continues to have its headquarters, exactly where it first began at Cwmbran, South Wales. Besides that, IG has its own huge manufacturing units at Dublin, Cookstown and Swadlincote, South Derbyshire. The advent of a multi-room structure or even one with windows that could withstand time came about with the invention of lintels. These products work like bridges that hold up the top construction above passages, doorways, windows, etc., almost like being a bridge between two walls. Lintels can come in several shapes and have developed immensely today with precision engineering. The right quality of lintel can make a world of difference to your building.

That is why it makes sense to get your lintels from IG. The company has been focused on only developing lintels for almost 60 years. IG Lintels have already proven their worth in the market and are sought after for all types of applications, be they commercial or personal. From the initial design to production to finish, IG has dedicated teams and quality management systems to ensure an excellent final product. Their lintels are already renowned for being highly effective thermally and structurally with modern engineering. The company has an expert team that uses the latest computerized machinery to innovate and create products that match the changing demands of the contemporary architecture and construction industry. Both, its qualified team and machinery are regularly updated to remain in touch with modern trends.

IG Lintels uses the highest quality in materials and processes. This has seen them awarded with several international certifications, such as the BBA Certification, the RIBA CPD Approval and BRE. Besides these, the company also has been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Products List

Standard Lintels: a collection of more than 800 lintels in varying designs and materials, including timber frame, solid wall and single leaf. These range from 50mm cavity to almost 200mm and more, suitable for any door frame.

Stainless Steel Lintels: made from high-grade stainless steel, these lintels are recommended for sterile environments and high resistance to corrosion.

Special Lintels: exclusively designed lintels, such as Apex lintels, Corner lintels, Arches and Circular Bays form this section.

Brick Slip Feature Lintels: these are a singular pre-fabricated structure that saves time, money and is easy to install.

Other products by IG Lintels added in recent years include Masonry Support & Windpost Systems and Cavity Trays.

IG has a special offer for customers with their Bespoke designs. Whether you are a professional architect or an individual with a personal dream, you can get just the right lintel with IG’s Technical Team for custom-made lintels.

You will be amazed at the wide range of lintels available here at Buildworld, including those from IG Lintels. Buildworld stands for quality construction materials, be it basic cement, bricks or mortar, or interior accessories and tools. We take away the chore of your shopping, with all products easily available under one roof and that too at some fabulous prices.

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