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Kent And Stowe

All Kent and Stowe tools are built on tradition and crafted for life. Designed in the UK, these reliable tools have a unique heritage and history.

All Kent and Stowe tools are expertly designed, combining a rich historical tradition with the unique needs of the modern gardener. With the appearance of gorgeous traditional tools but the material and strength of contemporary manufacturing, Kent and Stowe tools combine the best of the past and the present. Each tool is engineered for functionality, reliability, and comfort so that every gardener is satisfied.

The high-quality gardening tools are durable and built to last, so much so that Kent and Stowe offers full guarantees against product defects and typical domestic use.

Kent and Stowe’s wide selection of award-winning gardening products includes:

Digging Tools: High-performance digging tools are essential to a healthy garden. Made with stainless or carbon steel, Kent and Stowe digging tools come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit the unique needs of every gardener.

Cultivating Tools: Kent and Stowe offers a selection of forks, trowels, and other tools meant to break up and loosen soil effectively. Made with fine materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel, these cultivating tools are strong and durable.

Cutting Tools: Kent and Stowe produces sharp and easy-to-use tools for a variety of pruning and cutting tasks. With a range that includes secateurs, loppers, shears, saws, topiary, and scissors, there is a Kent and Stowe cutting tool for every need. Manufactured with a drop-forged process, these reliable cutting tools are built to last and created for comfort.

Weeding Tools: Since weeding is the bane of many a gardener’s existence, Kent and Stowe has designed practical tools to take the pain out of the process. The extensive lineup of products including hoes, grubbers, weeders, and more covers a variety of weeding needs.

Hand Tools: Kent and Stowe’s hand tools help accomplish many small-scale gardening tasks such as potting. Built with stainless and carbon steel, these finely crafted tools come in several varieties for different hand sizes—even for kids.

Buildworld is proud to be a trusted retailer for Kent and Stowe’s expertly-crafted gardening tools. At Buildworld, the modern gardener can find a wide selection of Kent and Stowe tools with the same great prices we offer on all of our products. Choose from any of Buildworld’s selection of high-quality gardening tools to help your green thumb shine.

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