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Trust KNIPEX For Pliers Fit For Any Wire. At KNIPEX, quality not only matters – it decides. Which is why today, skilled craftsmen to hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts in more than 100 countries, prefer KNIPEX over any other brand. KNIPEX does pliers best and has well and truly earned the title of the ‘pliers specialists’ over a period spanning more than a century. What’s more, KNIPEX pliers are produced exclusively in Germany at the manufacturer’s Wuppertal plant. The entire process happens there – from the forging of plier blanks to packaging – so as to ensure that only the highest standards of manufacturing, as well as ecological and social sustainability standards, are met. KNIPEX knows that pliers, when crafted to standard, become extensions of the human hand.

It’s hardly surprising to discover that KNIPEX, as is the case with so many other quality-driven businesses trading in the U.K, started out in 1882 as a small family business consisting of sole visionary craftsman Carl Gustav Putsch, a single journeyman and a pair of apprentices. Today, nearly 140 years on, the KNIPEX Group employs more than 1,500 people, most of whom are employed on-location at its Wuppertal-Cronenberg plant.

You Can’t Beat KNIPEX Quality

KNIPEX is the trusted name in pliers. Whether you’re looking for pliers for general, specialised electrical or plumbing use, the KNIPEX range of pliers, is bound to have the right pair for the job at hand. Quality, coupled with a commitment to people, whether customer or employee, is what makes the KNIPEX difference. KNIPEX was, after all, the very first company in Germany ever to have received the Training Centre of Excellence Award.

Every pair of KNIPEX pliers is the result of nearly 140 years of experience. KNIPEX believes that the quality of its pliers lies not only in years of experience and accumulated expertise but also in the know-how of its specialist portfolio of employees. Designed and manufactured with only the highest degree of reliability in mind, and subjected to rigorous tests designed to test that reliability, every pair– whether diagonal cutters, combination pliers, crimping pliers or even precision tweezers – must first pass the KNIPEX test of unwavering quality and reliability before leaving the factory.

Buildworld Stocks Them All

Whether it’s circlip pliers or concreters’ nippers you’re looking for, be sure to visit your nearest Buildworld store for all your cutting, crunching, gripping and plying needs. And if you would prefer to have your pliers delivered to your door instead, then our easy-to-navigate online store is the answer.

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