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Stepping It Up A Notch With KwikStairs. Founded in 2012, KwikStairs is the custom-designed answer to any question involving the installation of a wooden staircase. Since KwikStairs manufactures staircases designed to fit into flat packs, it’s now possible to enter a store and purchase a staircase that will suit any building or situation. What’s more, thanks to the pre-designed template that comes inserted standard in any flat-pack, it’s possible for just about anyone to not only purchase a flight of ready-to-assemble wooden stairs off the shelf but also to put those stairs together in a guided and professional manner.

Everything from measuring floor space to following the details and guidelines can be done at home. The KwikStairs system is all about providing the assembler with a step-by-step system that supplies information about everything from the suitability of the staircase in terms of what it will be used for, to the exact assembly instructions – down to the exact template to be followed.

As Strong As Any Old Flight

Whether you’re looking for a single winder, double winder or even a perfectly straight flight of stairs, KwikStairs is ready to give you a leg up. ¼ Landings and even ½ Landings aren’t a problem either. Best of all is that those concerned about UK Building Regulations for Domestic purposes can rest assured that all staircases for self-assembly comply with the relevant national building regulations.

All staircases are flat-packed in the original raw timber state and the average time required varies between 10 minutes (for the experienced straight flight to winder box joiner) to 3 hours in the case of, for example, a 12-tread straight flight of stairs.

There isn’t even any need to be hesitant about cutting up the template all wrong because KwikStairs even has a template-gone-wrong contingency covered. Getting a replacement template is as easy as calling the KwikStairs helpline and asking for a replacement.

Balustrading for every whim and purpose is readily available too. Railings and supports come in all shapes and sizes.

Find Them All At Buildworld

Finding the perfect KwikStairs staircase is easy thanks to the handy team of product-experts at Buildworld. Anyone prepared to follow the assembly instructions to the letter will be able to pull off the perfect staircase assembly, but just in case you need a word of advice or a point in the right direction, the friendly staff at Buildworld are always instantly at hand for whatever your question or concern.

Fancy buying the perfect staircase without leaving home? That’s no problem, as all flat packs can be purchased online and delivered right to your front door.

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