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Leyland Trade Paints

Leyland Trade is a no-nonsense quality, affordability and practicality focussed paint-manufacturing company. From 1922’s Leyland Paint Company of Lancashire to present-day Leyland Trade, it's grown from making Leytex Water Paint to what has now evolved to include a range of fast-drying paints and emulsions in multiple countries across Europe.

Their Legendary History:

Leyland Paints have been the first to give us Emulsion paints and have been a huge success. In their soon to be 100 years of heritage, they have done more than just survive. Within 40 years of its conception, the Leytex Water Paint making company started by F.W. Jones already received the impressive - By Appointment to Her Majesty the Queen sanction, and proved their commitment to quality. It has become a part of the impressive PPG group of Industries and continues to be one of UK’s leading professional trade paints.

Product Line

Leyland has consistently and reliably focussed its all, in giving you different kinds of paints to suit different areas and materials, in varied finishes and chemical compositions to suit your specific needs. The product ranges have gloss, quick-dry, matt finishes; they offer undercoats, primers, special coatings- for wood, walls, metal. Their focus lies in the actual detail of the application process and how to make it easiest and most affordable. That is how they have come up with the non-drip paint range, MDF primer, Pliolite based Masonry (for applying in places with -5degrees temperature and quick 20 mins drying speed) and the Super Leytex Matt.

Similarly their attention and research has covered the more obvious aesthetic and practical purposes for the end-user, giving us a variety of special options like its Vinyl emulsion ranges, Hardwearing Matt being 10 times harder than Vinyl Matt, paints with varying levels of Sheens and Glosses to suit differing needs and preferences, textured paints, paints like Smooth Masonry that give protection against weathering for 15 years, Anti Slip floor paint for medium traffic areas and walkways, Anti-Damp paint and other such specialized products.

At Buildworld we proudly sell diverse paints, coats and primers for any building, construction needs you may have, including Leyland paints. Check our catalogues for getting the best paint suited for your needs, from us, today!

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