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Markal Makes Its Mark When You Need It To. The Markal brand is the pride and joy of LA-CO Industries, a family-owned and family-run global manufacturing company specialising in the production and manufacturing of a wide range of industrial markers (hand-held), livestock identification products and kits, and plumbing chemicals. LA-CO has been going strong since 1934 and continues to focus on the manufacturing of 100% performance-based products capable of meeting any customer need, no matter how unique or specialised.

Markal products are produced at LA-CO’s two manufacturing plants, one of which is situated in Elk Grove Village in Illinois, U.S., and the other in Blyes, France. For over 85 years, Markal products have been in demand in metal industries, shipbuilding professionals, the welding and metal fabrication industry, building construction industries, those who process lumber/timber, the automotive assembly industry, and too many more to mention.

Markal’s range of high-quality markers and products are sold in more than 60 countries.

If You Can’t Markal It, It Can’t Be Marked

Buildworld stocks an extensive selection of LA-CO’s Markal industrial hand-held markers. The Markal range of markers includes aerosol paint-markers, anti-seize markers, markers capable of marking ceramics, concrete, copper and glass, general-purpose markers, hot-surface markers, leak detector markers, livestock markers, low corrosion temperature indicating sticks, MRO markers, ink markers and even meat markers.

Markal’s range of ink markers are a regulator favourite among our customers here at Buildworld. We stock an impressive range of DURA-INK markers by Markal. These come in a variety of colours and tips – permanent as well as dry-erasable.

Liquid paint markers are quick movers too. We stock everything from valve action paint markers to valve action paint markers only visible in Ultra-Violet (UV) light. Markal’s impressive range of liquid paint markers also includes Pro-Wash markers, i.e. removable liquid paint markers and ball paint markers.

Buildworld Loves Markal

The Buildworld team is interested in meeting all our customers’ needs, whether that need involves constructing and building on an industrial scale, or merely making a clear mark on wood for at-home DIY purposes.

No task is ever considered too big or too small and our friendly customer care assistants are always at hand to assist. The members of our staff are familiar with the entire Markal range stocked by our store and will be only too happy to assist where necessary and possible.

Markal products can be purchased at our store or ordered for collection/delivery from Buildworld online.

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