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Oracstar is the UK’s leading brand for quality, pre-packed plumbing products. The company began in 1979 with a catalogue of just 28 products. Over the years, they have grown and expanded and now offer over 1,500 high-quality products. Throughout the course of their storied history, Oracstar has received countless awards from the construction and home improvement industry.

In 2000 they were acquired by Polypipe, which allows Oracstar to have an even greater reach within the British community. Today, they are the first name in plumbing essentials and specialize in retail-ready packaged solutions for contractors and homeowners alike.

Oracstar’s comprehensive product offerings include:

Plumbing and Heating Solutions: From appliance hardware to heating controls to pipes and metal fittings, Oracstar offers essential plumbing and heating products for all your commercial and residential projects. Check out their full range of high-quality pipe covers, hoses, adapters, valve kits, and more!

Soil and Waste: Oracstar provides an incredible variety of pipes and traps for showers, toilets, and washing machines. Get the items you need to cleanly and safely dispose of wastewater in your home or office. Their waste management products are easy to install and cover a broad scope of applications to suit any task.

Ventilation: If you are working on a home ventilation project, look no further. Oracstar provides a wide range of ventilation products, including ducting, filters, fans, and wall vents. Choose from attractive wall mountable fan options, or discreet ceiling models – all easy to install right out of the box.

Tools: You can’t get the job done properly without the right gear. Oracstar offers everything you need for your project, including pipe compounds, sealants, and tools for every plumbing project. Check out their wide selection of wrenches, pipe cutters, spanners, and much more.

Cleaning Supplies: Eliminate clogs with Oracstar’s powerful drain cleaner or check out their ergonomic plungers and drain snakes.

Oracstar has helped construction companies and DIY enthusiasts get projects done for over forty years. They offer a comprehensive selection of plumbing, heating, and ventilation solutions, complete with all the tools you need to finish the job.

Buildworld offers an enormous range of premium quality items from Oracstar. If you’re looking for anything having to do with plumbing gear, check out their products on our website. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for, conveniently packaged and ready to be put to work!

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