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OX Tools

OX Tools are one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of power tools and workwear. Their products are at once durable, reliable, and versatile. Although it can trace its origins to Australia in 1974, the OX brand officially launched in the United Kingdom in 2012. They quickly became known as one of the top purveyors of high-quality power tools in the country.

Today, they represent the high watermark of quality when it comes to power tools. With class-leading technological advancements in their full product line, OX Tools continues to innovate and alter the landscape of the power tool industry.

Some of the OX product line includes:

Woodworking and Cutting Tools When you’ve got woodworking to do, OX has the products that you need to do the job right. They manufacture a full line of knives, blades, and saws to make cutting through anything a breeze.

Masonry Tools: If you’re laying some concrete, look no further than the product offered by OX. They’ve got trowels, sponges, and scrapers of every shape and size for all your masonry needs.

Demolition Tools: Get smashing with OX’s premium hammers, chisels, and mallets. These tools make demo work a cinch, and incredible durability means that your high-impact tools will last for years to come.

Plumbing and Electrical Tools: Need help to fix a leaky pipe? Installing some new wiring? Check out OX’s plumbing and electrical tool offerings to find everything you need for your latest DIY project.

Safety Equipment: It’s vital to protect yourself every time you pick up a tool. OX offers a wide range of safety gear for every type of project, including goggles, masks, gloves, earplugs, and full-bodysuits.

Workwear: Check out OX’s offerings of stylish and comfortable workwear, from winter-tough coats to stylish hoodies to socks made explicitly for steel-toed boots.

OX Tools represents an incredible legacy of greatness in the tool industry. They are world-renowned for their best in class equipment and the legendary Spectrum Diamond Tool range. Known for durability and reliability, customers often feel like OX is the “extra man on site.”

At Buildworld, you can find an incredible selection of superior OX Tools and trendy workwear. Nowhere else can you find the unique combination of toughness and dependability, all at a competitive price. Regardless of the job you’re working on, OX Tools has the tool that you need to get it done quickly and correctly.

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Ox Tools Pro Sealant Gun 400ml

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Ox Tools 100ml One Shot Oil

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Ox Tools Safety Glasses Smoked

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Ox Tools Safety Glasses Clear

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Ox Tools Red PVC Gauntlets 10-XL

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Ox Tools Folding Ear Defenders

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