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Since 1953, Polycell has been an industry leader in providing pre-decorative products to distributors, professional contractors, and ambitious DIY homeowners. Polycell has a wide range of products specifically designed to restore walls, ceilings, wood, and tiling to their former glory. Offering the best sealants, fillers, adhesives, and paints on the market with its Polyfilla Technology, Polycell takes the guesswork out of filling in cracks, holes, and other blemishes that can form in your home leaving your surface ready for painting.

Located in Southeast England in Slough, United Kingdom and a brand of ICI Paints/AkzoNobel they offer world-wide distribution to construction companies and consumers. As part of a conglomerate of one of the most trusted brands in paint supplies in the United Kingdom, they offer superior customer service. Their products are also available here on Buildworld.

Polycell’s list of impressive products include:

Polyfilla Technology: Whether you need to fill in cracks or blemishes, Polycell multi-purpose Polyfilla sealants provide the pre-decorative material to make your next exterior or interior paint job a successful endeavour. Polyfilla is explicitly designed to dry quickly and can be applied right from the tube. Suitable for wood, plaster, masonry, or stone surfaces.

Polyfilla uses six different categories, including multi-purpose, convenience, task-specific, large areas, exterior and timber. These are colour coded for ease. Whether you have to fix cracked, damaged, or textured walls or ceilings, Polycell Polyfilla has a solution to get the job done.

Sealants and Adhesives: Polycell’s adhesive sealant strips offer a clean, quick solution to cover imperfections. Flexible and easy to clean, they provide a great alternative to gun and tube sealants. Great for tiling in the bathroom or around bathtubs, you can rest assured that Pollycell’s sealants and adhesives will provide quality protection and high-grade materials.

Paint Sealant: Specially formulated to seal patches of damp on interior walls or ceilings, Pollycell’s one coat damp seal will protect your walls and ceilings from moisture. Once dry, it offers a safe, dry patch where paint can be applied to decorate any space.

Cleaners: Polycell’s cleaners offer one application solutions to issues involving mould. Formulated with powerful fungicide, Pollycell’s 3 in 1 Mould Killer prevents mold from re-growing in just one application.

Polycell is a world-renowned company, providing the highest quality in pre-decorative sealants, paints, and cleaners. Trusted by construction companies, contractors, and DIY home artisans the world over. They are known for providing pre-decorative solutions that fix the problem in one application.

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