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ProDec is the United Kingdom’s most widely distributed trade accessory brand. Their humble beginnings can be traced back to 1926 when Joseph Brierly began the company with just three employees, manufacturing industrial brooms. Over the years, the family-owned company diversified its offerings and now manufacture and distribute hundreds of different products, ranging from paintbrushes to trendy workwear. Today, they’re still making brooms as a homage to their origins.

Here are just a few of the categories of trade accessories that ProDec offers:

Paintbrushes and Rollers: ProDec manufactures a staggering variety of accessories for every painting need. Their brushes and rollers are made with premium materials and are available in dozens of different sizes so you can get the best possible results.

Tools: If you are working on a decorating project, the odds are good that ProDec has a tool that can help you complete the job. They produce a large assortment of decorating tools and accessories, from wall scrapers to knives to scissors.

Dust Sheets: Protect your home with one of ProDec’s premium dust sheets and tarpaulins. Their dust sheets are made with absorbent cotton twill, with a plastic backing to ensure maximum protection from paint spills and other grime.

Tape: Whether you need a good quality masking tape for your next paint job, or you’re looking for a roll of heavy-duty duct tape, ProDec makes a product for you. Their line of industrial tapes boasts superior stickiness and longevity.

Abrasives: ProDec also manufactures various abrasives for your home decorating project. Choose from high grit sandpaper, steel wool, or wire brushes, and get the exact surface that you need.

Maintenance: When ProDec first began as a company, they specialized in industrial brooms – and they still make brooms to this day! They also manufacture a wide variety of other maintenance accessories like buckets, sponges, and refuse sacks.

Ladders: Get to those high-up places with ProDec’s line of ladders and step stools. With telescoping ladders reaching up to four meters, nothing is out of reach for your home decorating project.

Today, ProDec employs over one hundred people, including a fourth-generation member of the Brierly family who began the journey back in 1926. ProDec prides itself on its product development and continues to innovate new technologies in the field of trade accessories.

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