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Reisser Screws

Reisser is a trusted international supplier of high-performance, high-quality power tools, woodscrews, and accessories geared toward various professional trades. The company delivers solutions for workers dealing with decks, cutters, timber, hardwoods, hardboards, chipboards, and soft boards.

At Buildworld, we offer Reisser High-Performance Wood Screw and Decking Cutter Screws. The R2 screws are perfect for soft boards, hardboards, and chipboards. These woodscrews deliver an efficient, accurate, and rust-resistant finish. Construction workers love that the R2 screws rest in place without damaging surfaces like timber and hardwoods. The cutter screws come in a range of sizes and help fix wood with convenience and accuracy. It enables optimal driving torque with the most potent tools and ensures a stick-fit bond.

Why Buy Reisser Screws Products?

Reisser screw products are a preferred option for contractors because it provides high-performance, advanced-technology products. The R2 screws and cutter screws also pair well with advanced technology tools. Reisser products reduce risks and issues from bit jumping, and it leaves a protective, smooth coating for every surface.

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