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Products manufactured and packaged with instructions to simply deliver the expected result by the end-user is the focus of the Ronseal brand - that has become a household name in paints and protective coats for wooden products in the gardening and indoor space—proclaiming ease of application laced with the assurance of certainty, highlighted in Ronseal’s famous advertising slogan: Does exactly what it says on the tin. The credo of efficient product handling guarantee underlines every product throughout the Ronseal product series. Although Ronseal is a subsidiary of the US-based Sherwin-Williams Company, its origins lay in the UK and stronghold in Ireland.

Decks and Garden Furniture

Decks are subjected to abrasions, weather-related dissipation or depletion over a period of time. Decks require periodic attention for sealing work, painting, cleaning or depending on the damage a big scale or a minor touch of restoration work. Ronseal’s wide range of products offer specialized formulations to meet every requirement on your decking job list. Garden furniture if neglected starts appearing pale and lusterless but easily combated with Ronseal protective coats and paints to add life to the tone of your garden.

Wooden Interiors—Doors and Wood Filling

Improper handling of furniture and accidental events cause wooden surfaces to experience a routine of battering, which often forces the best of indoor furniture to appear harassed and seedy. Ronseal’s army of interior wood care products provide superior protection coats for doors and all indoor furniture. A common experience among DIY handlers is the encounter with unwanted cracks and holes on wooden surfaces while applying paint or varnish, making it incumbent to level the surface with products such as Ronseal’s wooden fillers to achieve smoothest of finishes.

Flooring, Sheds, Fences, Exterior Windows and Doors

Protective layering from Ronseal’s array of flooring protection products insulate the floor surface from hard scuffs, accidental chipping and bruises that occurring in the regular course of use. Often harsh weather and sometimes neglect and lack of timely intervention invite the onset of deterioration that could easily lead to bedraggled fences and decrepit sheds. Such decadence can be easily avoided with Ronseal’s special selection of paints for sheds and fences. The burden of suffering unavoidable beatings at the hands of harsh weather by exterior windows and doors can be effortlessly eased with Ronseal’s special series of weatherproof wood paints.

Wall Treatment products and accessories

Water leaks, condensations and high levels of humidity constantly threaten our walls with the outbreak of moulds which cannot be left unchecked, but unavoidable construction designs or circumstances may lead to damp walls leaving you stressed. Thanks to Ronseal’s wall treatment range of paints and products with anti-mould properties highly effective in combating stains, condensations and damp walls, that provides long term solutions to lingering problems of damp walls. In order to better your DIY experience, Ronseal has introduced a wide range of brushes and sprayers to assist you with the best possible finish, with optimal effort, in the quickest possible time.

Buildworld hosts the latest and best Ronseal series of products. At Buildworld it is our priority to display the best brands from the home improvement industry.

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Ronseal Teak Oil 500ml

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Ronseal Trade Danish Oil 1L

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Ronseal Decking Restorer 2.5L

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Ronseal Decking Stripper 2.5L

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Ronseal Teak Oil 500ml

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Ronseal Woodworm Killer 1L

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Ronseal Woodworm Killer 5Ltr

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