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Royston Lead

Royston was founded as George Royston & Sons in c.1920, quickly growing to make a name in steel vessels and assembly production for heavy industry applications. The company was renamed Royston Lead Limited in 1989, and throughout the later part of the twentieth century, continued to grow by leaps and bounds. They used their extensive lead expertise to further expand the range of lead products and became one of the largest manufacturers of anodes for the refining of metals and other specialist applications.-

In 2020, Royston Lead Limited was acquired by International Metal Industries and has a national and international presence and manufactures for a wide variety of industries including mining and nuclear sectors.

The brand is reputed not only for the wide applications of its products but also for its highly experienced workforce and use of materials that have been sourced with ethical business practices. The company strives to maintain and exceed its leadership status in the manufacture of high-quality Lead products through continued and focussed innovation, efficient staffing, and the development of world-class processes and technologies, geared towards improving quality, efficiency, and responsiveness.

Why Choose Royston?

Royston Lead has an impressive portfolio of products that include all types of lead anodes, laminate lead sheets, lead ballasts, lead bricks, casting, and much more. The brand manufactures a range of specialized lead products that are utilized in various sectors. In Nuclear applications, the brand provides components, vessels, structures, and radiation shielding. In Mining, processes that use Anodes, castings, and alloy production, need lead and Royston is a major supplier. The brand also supplies Lead to the healthcare environments that serve as an effective barrier against sources of radiation. Lead also finds applications in the Construction and Marine & Offshore industry.

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