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Since its incorporation in Monaco in 1947, Siamp has specialized in providing quality toilet valve and tank systems for over 70 years. With a singular focus to provide products that fulfil a crucial role in health and hygiene while also respecting the earth’s limited supplies of fresh water, Siamp’s dedication to excellence can be read in their international line of toilet systems and use in hundreds of construction projects where efficiency and aesthetics are primary concerns.

Siamp’s products are all developed to comply with or exceed global quality standards, including Kiwa, Watermarks, SASO, NOM, and NF, and put through a rigorous testing cycle of at least 200,000 flushes, 200 hours of salt spray testing, and tested to support up to 400 kilos.

Siamp’s product offerings include:

Toilet Fittings: Fill valves, flush valves, and flush buttons are available to retrofit existing WCs with high-performance Siamp valves. Available in mechanical and hydraulic options, Siamp’s fill valves feature adjustable water levels, quiet and ultra quiet operation modes, and ultra-efficient fill modes to minimize environmental impact.

Flush Valves: Flush valves are available in single flush single and dual flush models offering adjustable flush volume to maximize efficiency, with dual flush models including an option for either direct and cable actuated operation.

Flush Buttons: In addition to their array of internal components, Siamp’s range of flush buttons can be tailored to suit virtually every installation and aesthetic. If none of their predesigned options fit your location, Siamp also offers the ability to customize colours and graphic layouts to create the perfect look for your bathroom.

Toilet Cisterns: Siamp’s dedication to innovative toilet components extends to their range of toilet cisterns, available in concealed and exposed cistern toilet systems suitable for home, hospitality, or institutional use.

With all concealed units offering up to 400 kg of weight support independent of wall type and a choice of direct or remote flush buttons, Siamp hidden cisterns offer the same quality components as used in the company’s flush and fill valves to minimize water waste. With low flush, ultra quiet and remote operations available, Siamp’s concealed cisterns combine luxury, efficiency, and reliability without compromise.

Exposed tanks incorporate the same technologies to provide the best in toilet operation for installations where concealed cisterns are not a feasible option, offering any toilet installation the ability to include Siamp’s top-shelf products.

Stocking a full selection of Siamp toilet valves and replacement parts, Buildworld offers the professional plumber access to top-shelf plumbing components at an affordable price.

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