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Stiletto offers tools designed for professionals who need features that reduce pain and fatigue. This manufacturer prioritizes lightweight materials and features like ergonomic grips. You can find Stiletto hammers that use materials like titanium or fibreglass for a durable construction that feels lightweight. At Buildworld, we offer two different hammers from Stiletto. You can opt for a lightweight framer’s hammer or a curved hickory hammer from Stiletto. Both have a titanium head that is more durable than their traditional steel counterparts. Titanium is a material that allows the hammer’s head to absorb shocks without damages or distortion.

Additionally, here are features that will make your job easier, like a magnetic nail starter, a side puller, or an ergonomic grip. We also offer repair kits and replacement parts in case you need to replace the handle or face of your hammer to get more use out of an old tool.

Why Buy Stiletto?

Stiletto hammers are a long-term investment for framing or carpentry work. They’re reliable tools that do it all while reducing pain and fatigue, and we highly recommend them for professionals who need a way to reduce arm fatigue during a long day of work.

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